January 9th, 2008


Wednesday, January 9

k, unbelievably dead.
Good day though. :)

And ... thanks to some "punk ass devil lives there" movie trailer web site... McAfee keeps popping up an On-Access Scan message about "Downloader.gen.a (State: Moved (Clean failed)" as a trojan tries desperately to KILL MY COMPUTER. I am praying to Mustafa (I just made up a god to pray to) that I can find and KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL...

Oh, and again with the April weather in downtown DC.

~ into the same long sleeve shirt I've worn every night this week... hahaha... hey, nobody here... but us chickens.
~ and black jeans... heck, I wear them over and over between washes.
~ six client meetings and a presentation to the team.
~ Now? I'm almost too tired to find dinner. But I have GOT TO EAT.
~ that ewtikins gets to feeling better...
~ for soylentpurple's dad... to make it onto the road-to-recovery asap!
~ to say that I miss fireflieslie... and no
~ and that nobody dies at blushingblaze's work place tomorrow. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday pimpinthebox... and yes, I know you haven't been here since March. :) I hope things are groove'en for ya Pimpsters.

God loves the lovely kitty's.

and she hates all the ugly ones. :)

I know it's really dumb,
but while I was working last night... Family Guy was on, with the sound down behind me.
I glanced back and Peter was in a plexiglass box at the dinner table.
When I looked... he seemed to be leaning up onto one cheek.
I looked back to my work and couldn't help imagining what was going on...
Then I looked back and my imagination was made real when I saw Peter struggling for breath in the box.
I keep laughing about that ...

Edit: 8:02... quiznos and the dew... shhh... I had a huge salad for lunch...
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