January 8th, 2008


Tuesday, January 8

Mother nature is totally out of her ever love'en mind.
Chris Rock should do a routine, focusing on this stage of her life.

You know who Rip Torn is? [ :: This guy :: ]
He was boss man in Men In Black.
He's great... and he's a clone of a guy on my team.
I asked him about that... he's "I get that a lot" before I even got to the name...

Two guys... Rip Torn coworker dude and youngish tech support from the clients... standing beside me... talking about football.
Some coach dude... died... got fired... retired... became a woman... something...
and now the whoevers have some new coach dude.
"and they were up five oh..."
and there's me...
"It's a crime man... but hey... if they keep it up... what's that say?"

I kill me.

~ wore my new "nice shirt" (christmas) today... but you can't see it... so ... I might as well say a chicken suit...
~ now, however, I'm sans chicken suit and into the black jeans and the black tee I had on under the chicken suit... er the nice black shirt...  oh, I didn' t mention that it was black. It was black. But it has this narrow vert colourful stripe thing going on. And while I can't spell verticle without the little red "you idiot" line showing up, I can spell "colourful" despite this stupid spell checker. IAMCANADIAN
~ total madness from dawn till dusk... and it's not done yet.
~ couldn't get "badged" today (not till thursday!) so I'm the guy that phones from outside the door so someone will let me in... while I stare at the exposed door thingy that I could jam my hotel room key-card into and pop-open.
~ got my access account and sat in front of an unimaginably CRAPPPPPPP-TASTICALLY-HORRIBLE 19 inch tube monitor that appears to have been manufactured in Uganda back in 1840.
~ bolted from meeting to meeting, back and forth across K street (head office and our "across the street offices") stopping each time to gape at the April weather.
~ eat american mcdonalds for dinner... because I had a craving... and am well reminded that canadian chicken nuggets are significantly better than american bird mulch.
~ and after a call to the family ... it'll be me and work again till the wee hours. Seriously... and this kinda makes me pathetic. Well maybe not pathetic... but whatever.
~ that I keep having the chance to see whatilove's pictures for a long ... long ... time.
~ that carorules remembers... only the pistachio's that are already cracked open... ONLY.
~ and to say that weswilson ... never fails... well, ok, I'm sure he fails at something... like "Operation" or something, but I mean... like from an entertainment point of view... "never fails" works.

I saw a "Yellow Book" commercial... staring David Caradine.
It made me sad.

I have no real expectation that I'm going to love the movie "Cloverfield"... but dude, I really dig their commercials for the movie. A lot.

There's a Starbucks about a 45 feet below me. Because it's after 6 and I'm in downtown DC... it's closed, and while that's important, the real issue, is that is' only 45 feet away.
Like, if I had six ALIENS alien guy egg-laying zygoats and chopped through their crabby legs in strategic places around my chair...
I could be in a starbucks just by falling.
Cool eh.


K... gotta go. :)