January 7th, 2008


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Live from a hotel beside Dulles Airport...

arrived alive... :)
"get to the airport four hours before your flight..."

So, 15 minutes after I went into the immigration office... i was done.
I have a work permit for the next year... and 3 hours spent reading in the US flight area. :)

Working in Reston tomorrow and then down to DC for the rest of the week.


I consumed the most recent Wired Mag today.
Two things:
~ page 44... article on "Nutritional Values" and it goes over the "healthy eating starts with shopping the periphery of the grocery store" concept.
I've been saying that for years man... (indeed, here in my blog). :D All the good food is on the outer edge of the grocery store and the processed stuff is in the isles.
I try to have a "periphery only" visit to the grocery store for every full-store visit. :)
~ AWESOME story about 42 Entertainment... the guys behind the Nine Inch Nails promotional "game" that was played out around the world as the build up to their recent album release. 
Here's a link to the story... it's great stuff!!! :D :D :D
[ :: 42 Entertainment storie at Wired dot com :: ]

K... see ya tomorrow night. :)

Monday, January 7

Oh look... the hotel even has a sign. :)

Ya-ok-now, people... k'mon... where'd ya put the snow?
NOT A SINGLE LICK OF SNOW anywhere as far as the eye can see...

um... I have my boots here.
I brought boots!
The least you could do is have fucking snow.

You 'mericans...

~ well... jeans and an old navy, warm, shirt.
~ but it was all "shirt and tie boy" today...
~ up and out of the hotel in Reston...
~ into a boardroom by 8:30, and there... all... freaking... day.
~ done by 7:ish and downtown DC
~ that kitiara gets a whole lot better soon!!
~ for eternally_pink to not-get-blown-away!
~ and that jloopy continues to kick-grocery-line-devil-butt!! 

Birthday moments
Happy birthday the_bean! I hope this year brings you a career op that makes it all worthwhile!! :) Have a great day sugar.

Exactly WTF is this crap?
(picked it off a pay phone in front of the hotel)


AND... this is the soccer pitch they just built out back of the PUBLIC SCHOOL I could see out the hotel window this morning...

Un... UN... bee-leave-able!

what exactly was I thinking when I said I would have a draft of something ready for tomorrow?
No seriously... what in the name of god was I thinking?