January 6th, 2008


Sunday, January 6

Yeah, so it rained a lot last night. It's a mild day and that's fine... but if it freezes up tomorrow???? UG!
I fly away today... and back on Friday. With the "early darkness" ... I suspect this is going to be a lot like moving into a "work cave" for a week. :(

We had some DDR fun last night... but everybody is gonna get a lot better at it while I'm away (no fair)
Actually, it's funny how good Geo is at it and he hardly tries.
Truth be told though... we're all beginners and maybe "basic" on a few. wow it gets goofy. :) :) :)

~ house coat...
~ sox...
~ shower!! :D
~ ok... getting dressed too.
~ packing and driving away.
~ some interview thing at the airport...
~ and a flight later today to DC
~ sleeping in Reston, VA tonight
~ working in Reston tomorrow...
~ and then downtown to DC (Hello Mags... that email is a'comming)
~ that sassy_red_head makes choices reflecting her own sensibilities and not the attitudes thrust upon her...
~ for raylenetaskoski to enjoy the vegas anticipation...
~ and that canuckgirl... takes a nap. :)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... and that my friend kimmellee had a wonderful birthday and is sleeping in today! :)
and for today...
A very happy birthday to my dear friend teasdale... May this day bring you some peace and I do hope this next year keeps you on the path of improvement and comfort. You are always in my thoughts.
and for duhneese to have a wonderful birthday... to celebrate, sleep and recover and then kick off a whole year of good fortune. :)

Is something wrong with Edwards?
Why is all the talk Obama and Clinton?