January 4th, 2008


Friday, January 4

It's still blistering cold outside... not as bad as yesterday... but still. brrr.
Tomorrow is supposed to be better... warmer... and then rain and "plus temperatures" on Sunday.
Dear Mother Nature: Please take some of your meds!

So the problem is, we're supposed to go skiing tomorrow.
Best price on the tickets is at Cost-co (they sell 'em there... go figure).
But, if my emerg replacement, rewritten, immigration papers for the work visa (minor drama yesterday resulting in new documents being required)... if the papers don't arrive by fed ex today...
Somebody has to be here tomorrow to sign for 'em.
So... I want to buy the tickets in advance... but I can't really buy 'em till I know for sure I'll be going...

just... grrrr. ;(

~ work'en clothes...
~ and a warm hoodie.
~ pot light installations in Section "A". Got the tile part done yesterday ...finally.
~ back to Best Buy to return the super discount boxing day sale RCA DVD player. It's a lemon and it blows. Oh, and I'm returning the 125$ monster HDMI cable I got there too... I just got the one I ordered online for 50$ (yes, I know... ) and it works fine.
~ groceries... to lay in food for dinners and kids lunches next week while I'm away...
~ and some returns and "gets" at Home Depot.
~ the fed-ex stuff would arrive today.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday cerulean_me! I hope you get to hold the best feelings the longest...
And happy birthday to krzy. May your voice return and ... with it, a lot of great reasons to laugh out loud.

So a bit of tid for your brain pan on the subject of TVs and DVD players.
All the new flat panel, cool as cucumber TVs come in many flavours.
That's a given. There's LCD, Plasma, each in various sizes and resolutions.
A well made Plasma at a modest resolution can look a million times better than a crappy Plasma at better resolution.
So "how well it's made" is a pretty big consideration.
Then theres DVD players.
DVD disks are normally delivering a 480i and 480p image streams.
Old but good ones had "component out" and were basically "just a dvd player".
Then came "progressive scan"...
And now it's all about "upscaling" and dvd players that can upscale to 1080i or to 1080p (resolution).
Worse still... to get that "upscaling" you have to use an HDMI cable to connect the DVD player to your TV.
There's also the new HD and Blu-Ray dvd players but they're in a league of their own and wwwwway pricey, so they deserve to sorta wait a season.
Remember that "how well it's made" thing?
Well... a GREAT tv will have a better "upscaler" built in than a cheap DVD player will have in it's geeky guts.
And... if you use a HDMI cable to connect an upscaling dvd player to your GREAT tv... the hdmi input will bypass the upscaler in the TV and only feed your tv the upscaling signal from the dvd player.
So real world:
If you have a pioneer tv... anything new'ish from them... (so not the model on display at cost-co or price-club), you actually get a better DVD playback image if you use an older non-progressive scan dvd player connected with Component Cables!
If you have, say a panasonic Vierra... very nice tv too... but the "upscaler" in that is not at all as good as the one in the pioneer, so you can yield improvement by using an upscaling dvd player and an hdmi cable.
~ end of tid-bit. :)

Ok... the pot lights are calling me.