January 1st, 2008


Tuesday, January 1 2008

There are bags under the bags under my eyes... :D)
Little exhausted I think.

Happy New Year all'y'all.
2007 was a pretty huge year in the story of me...
surviving at all was an accomplishment. I swear, I had
wwwwwway too many dumb injuries to count and work ...
was one long wild ride of goofyness. Of course, 2008
is going to be better. :) Whether or not "better" means
more skateboarding injuries and crazier times with work...
remains to be seen. :)

We had a big "my family" dinner at a local chinese place
last night... (turning into a tradition) and then we did a
"suz's family" thing at a SIL's house to ring in the new year.

I'm pretty sure Dick Clark wasn't actually speaking on the
tv... his animatronic body just makes grunting noises and
stuff and they sync in some computer generated "dick clark
talk". Sorta like they do for that Casey Kasem guy...
Except Casey is radio... so they don't have to operate a
fake body... just the fake voice. Casey and Dick were both
killed in 1993 when a drunken Hillary Clinton attacked them
at a party... (in case you didn't know).

ps. big surprise, but it's snowing-to-beat-the-band outside... again.

~ eh... pj pants...
~ white sleepy shirt...
~ new big comfy house coat... ;)
~ begin the last phase of the basement project (play room drop ceiling)
~ that sugar-ray (raylenetaskoski) someday realizes that she's wonderful...
~ that designergirl took lots of pictures last night...
~ for some sweet relief to find it's way to teasdale... please.
~ and that my misha... willedit, enjoys craft day. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday southseapearl although ... I kinda think you're
somewhere having fun instead of reading you old lj... :) May the year hold
you with fun hands*.

2008 is going to start with a four hour sit-in at an air port immigration office
waiting for my application to for a year-long-TN "management consulting work
visa" to be issued. Cross your fingers that this works out... (this coming sunday).
I am pretty confident that all is in order and that the app will go through. This will
touch off the first "Year long" contract I've had since I started the consulting work
8 years ago. I'm pretty jazzed about this.
But that's just "work stuff".
My boys are getting older... bigger... stronger... and if it is possible to love them
more than I already do, I'll be pretty surprised.
If I need anything specific to get "on my personal agenda"... it's to work on having
more of something that is a "Suz and I" thing... We've left taekwondo behind and
been so busy with life that we didn't fill in that blank spot. So that's on the radar...
Maybe I can try to get good at DDR with her... (she's already good at it... and I
totally suck. :D :D)
I want very much to get a real ski-vacation planned... but that's likely going to
have to wait for next year. This year, we're going to Bermuda... and the skiing
there really blows. :D
I think I will have to start just "planning" a trip to BC for 2009 to Ski ...
maybe sunshine... but I've heard good things about Kinny and other spots.
So we'll see.

William Joyce's "Santa Calls" is the last thing we read on Christmas eve before
tucking the boys in... and I have yet to finish that story with dry eyes. In fact...
Geo typically leans over to watch me start getting all teary because he knows I
try to not... and never succeed. :D If you haven't read this short and adorable
christmas story... you really ought to. And ... somebody wonderful should make
it into a movie. Not an animated movie...

yeah... I thought a bit about changing up my journal thing...
you know... new year... new deal... but maybe I'm just too lazy.
I like this.
I'll just keep on doing my thing if that's ok with you guys. :)

* fun hands. wtf are fun hands? I don't know but I have to say... it sounds totally promising. :D :D :D

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hmmm... me, up for hours...
Just walked from one sleeping baby to the next, kissing cheeks and saying "it's after noon... just in case you wanted to wake up".
Only Geo took me up on the waking part. :)

It's a nice quiet lazy day... :D