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Ok ok... so Tuesdays the 18 of May... :D

Look... this is the result of saying "Ok, Geo... we can't smile.. .ok? Ok... lets really grimace..."
and, of course, we burst out laughing... so screw it... :D

I had about elevendy hundred hours of sleep last night... well, it felt that way... it was needed. :D
Mother nature woke me up at 5:30 ... she was having a gang bang battle with her crack dealers hood... or sumthing... lots of lightening... and that "directly overhead" thunder crack thing... I love that stuff btw... and (hahaha) both boys slept through this shit like it wasn't happening...

There is a truck load of earth on my laneway... er... that's driveway for those of you that can't speak english... well ok... it's a HUGE MUD PILE right now... but worker bees will turn it into a new back yard today... we're razzing the back yard gardens and reclaiming lawn space... mostly thanks to that motherfucker and his punk ass fence shit... but in the end... a nicer place for the boys to play... Too many plants makes for a nice yard to look at... but not much to play in.

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue p-z long sleeve... so basically, if this was a turtleneck... I'd be Illya Kuryakin
~ watching as my resume is sent (by my boss) in for this project that would eat my summer...
~ working on the creative concepts... the java scripts, and style sheet and stuff... for the web site at work thing...
~ I could send some kind of grand piece of warm vibe to sadsong...
~ that some of my friends would go to jmm2_29's journal and visit her... she's a nice journal add and a real person...
~ for the financing issues to melt away for my friend kysrinaria!!
~ people that are sick of my shit would just drop me already...
~ I could visit my friends in texas... I've soooo many lj friends in the biggest state (don't start) ... it'd be a blast...

Today is Tuesday... Tuesday is gas day... I leave home and head to the gas station and put 30 litres of gas in. (and a box of Tim Bits to eat as I drive to work - being wary wary careful how I chew) At 99.9 cents per that adds up to amost 30$. One US Gallon is about 4.5 litres... so we're talking $4.50 / gallon. This is a drag... but dude... I spent a good long time laughing at the guy in the SUV in front of me that was pounding 75 litres of gas into his pig... and all the way to work... all the BIG PIG vehicles on the road... unstable road hogs that they are... accidents waiting to happen... killers (SUV's and small cars get in accidents... guess who dies)... but still a laugh a minute as the rising cost of gas basically turns them into muggers. :D hahahahahaa...

widows XP Pro and Java
Apparently this is not a widely known factoid... so I'm sharing... (even though it's very old news...)
If you have Microsoft Windows XP Pro... and you have Service Pack 1 applied... then you no longer have a Java Virtual Machine... hence many web-game sites show up as little X's and don't do squat... among other related problems.
You can read more about this at by going to this [ :: press release page :: ].
If you want to put the JVM back in your Windows XP Pro OS... you can search around at Microsoft and download one... OR BETTER YET you can give MS the finger and get the JVM from the people that invented it... (Sun) by going to [ :: this download page at :: ]
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