December 29th, 2007




~ it's a freaking blizzard out side. The weather-idiots went on and on about rain and warm and some snow... then change the whole thing to 10 - 15 cms of snow, blowing and cold... Oh, and it's supposed to be cloudy with sunny breaks tomorrow. bwahahahaha... yeah... and that'll change by the time we wake up. They really need to just admit it... they've no clue. None. It's all just a big ol'coin toss... day after day.

~ I bought a monster cable (HDMI)... then came home and hooked it up... and then... THEN read my journal and all the sage advice about cables. sign.
So after watching amazon blow me off with "sorry, that cannot be delivered to your location... " I managed to find a cable on-line for 1/3 of what I paid for the monster cable. I'll return the monster... Best Buy can eat me. I swear... the "hdmi cable" thing is going to drive me bonkers. I blew almost two c notes on the big as six-stranded, 25 foot component cable in the theater room... and I could have ordered hdmi cables on-line for half that. And I want to... but that's the tip of the iceburg. The amp is still "older" and only switches svga and composites. I run component from the devices to the tv. I suppose an upgraded amp could switch the hdmi for me too... but then again, there's SEVEN hdmi ports on my tv. But... but then audio gets confusing there too. I think I'll just leave it like it is for now and turn my attention to the ceiling (not installed yet) in the play room. Pot lights and drop ceiling for a huge area... and I've set aside two days to do it. lol. Now if I could just get my hands of the spinny laser thing... :D

~ We enjoyed the Dr. But I was sad at bits too... :( Now I'm just keen for season two of Torchwood!! :)

Saturday, December 29

Ok... fine.
It's cloudy with sunny breaks so far... but I expect locust by late afternoon.

Woke up kinda early... I'm not doing so hot in the sleeping area these days. I get to sleep great... but after about 5 hours maybe 6... I crack lids and I'm unable to get back to sleep. So I putter. Folding laundry... cleaning things... watching morning television. Hey... it's holiday time and I should be doing these things with a smile right?
(but in the back of my mind... I'm still worried about getting something finished for a client. grrrrr)

~ blue jeans and a black "handy dad" tee (fathers day gift... :D)
~ groceries... laziness... and food. (I could be a zoo animal)
~ I could just spend a day with fallingforward...
~ that Mr. Discouraged ... aka beachdog... gets to a comfy place..
~ that sleep_walker gets what she wants...
~ and to thank dw_photoprojekt for sharing.

Birthday moments...
To tell sunnlight that you are a tease. :) I hope you're out there having a blast and that all is well. Happy birthday sugar.
And to sugar-Sarah (sillz)... a very happy birthday and may this next year keep you and your lovely little family safe, happy and warm. Thank you for sharing your stories and time. It remains my pleasure to have the chance to track with you.

Doctors in Pakistan have concluded that Madame Bhutto was in fact killed when the beak of a budgie that flew in her mouth while she was yelling to the crowd pierced an artery in her throat. The gun shot, the bomb blast and the shrapnel were all just extra things.

No matter how well the mask fits...
Tears will still slip out of the bottom edges...
And stain whatever fabric you have covered your heart with.

~ and so it goes.