December 27th, 2007


Thursday, December 27

One of two beautiful and treasured beaded ornaments that my dear friend from South Africa (teaser) has sent to us. We have the "tree" and the "star" and they are the only ornaments we keep "out" all year-round. :)

Again with the snow?
Gray and lots of white stuff blowing every which way.

The plan had been to go skiing today but we were holding off till I'm sure Edward is feeling better enough... and low! The snow. It's a flat day for skiing. Tomorrow will be much better. :)

~ talk to immigration lawyers... getting sorted on my work-permit for the next year...
~ go to best-buy... see below
~ absorb a thursday and feed Edward.
~ that Edward is up to going skiing tomorrow. :) :D :D
~ for psychomagnet to find her reasons to be confident... that he'll be fine. Life is long. Very long.
~ and that modernarchetype makes it through the next month without exploding in mouse-ish anticipation.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday...
Happy birthday Norm (thetech). May this next year keep you healthy and active...
And mr. rare... er... evil, happy birthday yo! I hope you enjoyed the day and that the year ahead gives you plenty to be thankful for.
And today...
and to little sugar-desang (mapomme_desang) (you're kitty is adorable!) I hope you are blessed with all kinds of time to play with the little monkeys in your life...

Good night madam Bhutto.
At least you tried.

Dear fallingforward... :D
Thank you for doing what you do best... pointing out the obvious. :)

I am well and truly happy with the performance of this monitor ... especially with the DVI cable connected and working.
(the trick ... not-much-of-a-trick... was to do something I thought I had done, but apparently not... that was to turn OFF the pc, disco the vga cable, and rely on the DVI to "initialize" when things started up... which it did... which is does... and weee.
The claw back to 60 mhz seemed to be yielding some fuzzyness to the letters on the screen but ... whatever that was... it's gone now that the DVI cable is pushing the pixels. :)
Yeah wide screen computing.

I have to admit... the world of TV, Resolution, screen width, broadcast and dvd signals, high def. and all the cables that go into those things... is far more INSANE than I had imagined. I mean... I spent a lot of time getting my smart on about the TV and the resolution... but there is a world of hurt to be felt in getting the rest of the story.
For now... the biggest dumb ass thing going on is my old Sony DVD player that only delivers 480i signals.
I have a slightly newer Philips dvd player that upconverts to 1080i...
and both are using Component cables.
HDMI cables are STUPIDLY expensive. I mean... it's frigging crazy.
However... a 1080p upscaling dvd player is still dirt cheap, so I'm getting one today.
I'm thinking of getting the HDMI cable for the tv in the family room (it's the 1080p cable Panisonic)
and moving the 1080i player... without a HDMI cable btw... to the theater room.
That room (theater) would need a 25 foot hdmi cable... and I don't want to take out a new mortgage. !!!

Oh... and suzanne got me the "blue planet" and "planet earth" BBC disk sets for christmas... I am in awe. :)