December 25th, 2007


Tuesday, December 25

Sunshine, bright eyes, big smiles, captain crunch, pancakes, games and prezzies and housecoats and new hoodies and love ... and love...
and love. :)

Merry Christmas. :)
~ may the spirit find you... and hold you.

~ a christmas smile
~ to go to my folks for christmas dinner
~ that a little light shines on the lives of my friends
~ and that my family continues to bask in the glow of the light that is guiding us.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-share... soylentpurple!! I hope you're having a grand day and that this next year keeps you happy, healthy and loved.

for one... how the heck do you get yer dvi connection between a monitor and a pc to work? Setting the monitor to digital... doesn't take, even thought my pcie msi geforce 6600 is connected with a dvi cable. I have the dsub (vga) connection in ... because without it ... "no signal".

So far, I love the idea of this big ass monitor... wide screen. But to run it at 1680x1050... I gotta take the mhz down from 72 to 60. Letters are not as crisp. I need to exp with other settings. :)

The big experiment begins today.
Two AMD dual-core pcs with exactly the same specs. Both brand new... the same in every way.
And they are moderately low-end new computers.
I'm going to run one as the vista host that it came as...
And upgrade (lol) the other one to XP Pro.
And keep a blog of the experience.
Both being used by my kids.
We'll see how this pans out.
My expectation is to document which drives me crazy first. :)