December 24th, 2007


Monday, December 24

Quick groceries yesterday... and there in the middle of the store... a stack of three mini bar fridges (3.2 cubic feet), stainess steel finish... made by Igloo (good enough name for me) and ... 99$. er... each.
So I bought one.
For the TV room ... I was waiting to get a counter installed etc. then get the mini-fridge, but this was too good a price to pass up.
It's got milk and pop in it now... :) (very happy).

It rained and was mild for two days...
It got clear and FRICKING COLD last night...
It's snowing now... over a land made of solid ice.
What a huge drag for seniors... and people without snow tires. !!

Ed's on the mend and Geo's full into his asthma season.
Have kids? Then there's always sum'thin. :D

Me personally... I'm very excited about tomorrow. :)

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans
~ nice, but... like 10 years old... golf shirt. Prol'y the third time it's been worn. hahaha
~ up dumb early... making coffee for Zee, who had to work today...
~ up still with Ed who's feeling a bit better ...
~ watched "The Eagle Has Landed" with Ed... He had lots of Hitler questions...
~ played in the bazzing cold with Geo...
~ some cleaning...
~ and now? I think Casino Royal with the boys in the TV room. (still waiting for decent sofa... :( :D )
~ over to my MILs house for a christmas eve dinner with Suz's family ... tacky gifts and fun...
~ having MIL over for the night and then big christmas fun tomorrow. :)
~ to send a smile to ectv... just 'cuz...
~ that lakme doesn't need Soprano'esque protection...
~ for nutmeg ... to be more careful... and heal up... (Ug!).
~ and to send some love to ayoub... because I'm feel'en it bro. :)





ps. I love how christians think they invented yule and the whole december 25 party. Typical. :)