December 21st, 2007


Friday, December 21

Er... ok, yeah, well it's the last day before the big ol'holiday vibe...
And I'm not done my work - work. Why? Because I got too many other things done.
And by "other things"... I clearly don't mean work - work.
Ah well. I can put a day in somewhere I suppose. :(

Never the less.
Welcome to December 21. The Friday before the Monday that comes before the big day.
"Big" is relative, of course.
"Big" could be full of relatives, in fact...
Although what's more likely is the whole your big and my big are totally different bigs kinda relative.
This is all to say...
That with two boys, 9 and 12... big,
is flipping BIG.

And... because the universe has a perverse sense of irony...
Ed's computer died dead... kaput, totally "something metallic burned on that board" dead.
So I'm making them share the other computer and talking a streak about how long it's going to take to fix that.
Meanwhile... Santa's sitting on a brand spanking new, albeit rather modest, computer. :)

~ wore my white "banana republic" shirt today... because coworker-dude - who also bought one when we were in Virginia together - and I were meeting boss-man today. So we made him groan. :) He started - as is his way - by deriding my shirt... then notices coworker-dudes duplicate and ... thus began groaning.
~ er... jeans and a black tee (stuck on that black thing - off setting my lovely dead-white complexion. :D)
~ early meeting with team...
~ trip to suz's office to deliver a Wii game for her to lend a friend...
~ bring kifli to the "builders offices" and do the merry ho ho thing with the office women.
~ home and to work. :( Which, is, as I've said, not done.) grrr!
~ that yumikid gets to ... you know... chill down a little and find her way to relaxing into the holiday season...
~ for treats to keep on showing up for sirenity
~ and that I could zoom to Michigan and do a couple of days of babysitting for my sugar-T. (tonya) :D

Birthday moments
Happy birthday sugar-tink (thinktink). May the year ahead... treat you with a lot more respect. :)  Five days off, is a nice way to celebrate your birthday. :D
And happy birthday to mellusions! I hope you're somewhere having a grand time.. :)  and that you don't burn out your OOTP dvd. :)
And to my little snack pack from the flight deck... indianasweetie, I hope the lessons of the year now gone... lay the path for a brilliant new year ahead.

Ok... so mother nature is just totally one whacked out crack monkey. It's going up to at least +7 on Sunday, with heavy rain.
This means that I've got to make sure there's somewhere for that much water to drain... off my snow covered roof... away from our "walk out basement" doors...
Three feet of snow can make some serious "pooling water" issues for us.
Grrr... I'm gonna need my snow pants for this. :)

I rented Shrek III (so far unseen by all of us) for "Family Movie Night" (FMN from here on out) and Da Vinci Code ... for me, 'cuz I never got around to it. :)

k... gotta git. :)
I hope you're finding all the things you need to find before the "big" day... (and don't get me started on "big").
And if you can't.
I really hope you can get your head around not sweating it. :)
Have some fun instead.