December 20th, 2007


Thursday, December 20

I think the only thing I actually "want" for christmas... is a pumped up "bucks card. :)
(seeing as I live a blessed life and am surrounded by the greatest of pleasures... all I ever need to add to my life... is a good cup of joe. :D)

Oh my gosh... it's December 20th? Or ... in a few hours... "It was December 20th".
Dude... it's like ... almost winter.
First day it hasn't snowed in ... ages.
And there's snow in the offing.
Better yet... Winter is going to ring in with two days of rain and above zero temps.
(personally, that sounds like a perfect time to be up a mountain... where that rain will be snow...)

~ black black and black... it's like I'm stuck in "black clothing mode". I need me some color.
~ :)
~ Well... expected a full day of "the day before the end" work on the client stuff.
~ got a lot of that done... but had to bolt at lunch and do a big-box store run. I decided to forget the geek store that keeps telling me "Oh, it'll be in soon" for the parts I wanted to get... and I decided to just screw it and get exceptionally inexpensive but brand new "package deals" on the kids replacement computers.  Managed to swing a monitor upgrade into the process for Suz and I... (We'll be giving them our 17 in. panels and using the 20 in. wide screens that came with the package for our desks. :D :D :D)
~ I even managed to go to Bayshore - big mall - with both boys after school. Geo wanted to get something from West 49th for his cousin...
~ happy "driving" out to little miss Tool Time... er... pageeater :D
~ to point out that dailymom... is good mojo. Maybe that 50 was just a little thanks from the universe for being good. :)
~ and to smile out at joei... because it's lovely to see life paying things forward.

I was hardly noticing, other than enjoying the moment of excitement as two burly mall cops made a mad dash past the store I was in with the boys... chasing some guy.  I had pretty much forgotten it even happened... and as we completed our exit of the store... back they came... but this time they had this very strong looking dude in nice, but banger style, clothes IN HAND CUFFFS... marching him past and down the escalator...
again... no big right?
but it's totally dominated the boys minds ever since. They've never witnessed anything like that other than in TV land.
Now I'm looking back at the event and remembering...
I was about 13... in the back seat of my moms T-Bird. Dad driving, mom there... It was night. We were coming home from somewhere... and stopped in traffic at a local traffic light.
A kid ran through the stopped cars and bolted into the night.
Two cops ran past... guns drawn... chasing him.
He was maybe 16.
The lights changed... and everybody moved on.
But my brain was stuck back there under the traffic light.
Their guns were the most memorable element of the experience.
The hand-cuffs were the hands-down-winners for "most memorable element" of todays thing for the boys.
I wonder if it will infect their dreams tonight.

And no. I never for a split second take the peace and security we live in for granted.
Not for one split second.

I have a friend here in La La land that ... when I first met her here, was trying to break into the modeling business.
Her recent posts... are about agency appointments in Milan, Paris and London... photo shoots to die for... beautiful clothes...
The whole enchilada.
I gotta admit... that's some pretty cool stuff.
(and yes, she's stunningly "model beautiful"... tall, stunning features...)
Congratulations sugar-megs.
May this ride carry you to glamorous wonder and back again.

Just listened to a radio spot this story from last summer.
[ :: Cat that predicts death :: ]
ya gotta admit... that's a) creepy and b) tres cool. :)