December 19th, 2007


Wednesday, December 19

Geo got some way funky glasses as a junkie reward for some fund raiser they did at school. :)
He said they were called "hippie glasses".
So neon green holographic stoned looking eyeballs in john lenon frames... is the current definition of hippie.
... and Yoko said, Just give Chance a piece.

Oh, and it's snowing.
A lot.

~ warm stuff...
~ get work done...
~ take care of Ed... who (as I suspected last night) was not feeling so well today. I was keen to keep him in bed all day, if it'll help him be healthy over christmas.
~ and I'm in mad typing mode... erasing great swaths of work from a week or a month ago and trying to redo it. (i'm a harsh self critic. :D)
~ tonight? Well, I didn't get to kifli dough last night so that'll have to be tonight. (it has to sit around for a day before you can make the cookies).
~ that psychomagnet gets her phone calls done...
~ to congratulate caroline75 on the big promo...
~ and to smile at sirenity... the proud mama. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday to a distant journaler... from the land of the lj owners. :D Happy birthday maxlee... I hope the next year keeps you in good health and fortune.

The whole world would be a whole lot better off if we all didn't get so bent out of shape thinking we understand one another and assuming we know what to do.
Relationships between people, let alone countries, end up is tangled, disturbing messes... all because someone thought then knew "just what they needed."
Stories about Basra emerge, the state of terror, siege, devastation, corruption... when just a few short years ago, women and children wore what they wanted, boarded buses and when out to dinner, to shop, to work, to school, to their doctors, dentists... friends, lovers... family.
But after realizing the WMD argument was a pathetic lie, it was decided that the west knew what Iraq needed.
And then we rammed it down their gagging, wailing, dying throats.
Mission Accomplished. 

Survivor China.
Absolutely burst out laughing to hear that Denise "The Lunch Lady" was totally working the "outplay" vibe at the reunion with her suck story about work.
She lied!!! Her employers had promoted her before she left and she returned to that promotion. 
I'm never let down by peoples capacity to be crappy.
And I'm doing my best not to link everything to her scary ass mullet.

Anyone have anything to say about the current Toshiba Sat laptops? I'm trying to help out a friend with some recommendations for her gift to her teenager...
[ :: this is the idea :: ]
Good vibes? Bad... my ears are open.

Ok... no really... I gotta go. :O)

See ya.