December 17th, 2007


Monday, December 17

So last night was all about waking up and continuing to feel oogish.
However, it was a slightly more moderate "oogishness" than the last two nights, so I must be on the mend.
Totally got some bitch'en leg cramps... likely from a marked lack of potassium... and at 5:00 am... unbelievable heart burn out of nowhere!!!
The "family bed" vibe was in full swing so I scooted out and spent most of the sleep'en time on the sofa to save everyone else from a) my germs and b) my moaning sucky behavior. :)

Today dawned brilliantly bright. I mean ... sunshine like you cant believe and it's shining on a shit load of snow. My lawn has snow UP TO MY WAIST.... and the snow plow / blower dude that we hired for our big ass laneway... that boy's been buuuuuuusy. :) Their big "blower truck" was here at 5:30 am ... they came by yesterday to "plow" out enough for us to escape if we wanted out (we didn't... total cave day).

yessirree... this is winter like I remember when I was a kid. :)

~ loose ginch...
~ black jeans, black tee (hi sugar-purple)
~ working on client stuff...
~ road trip at lunch to take kids to a store to pick up a couple of things (christmas shopping I got nowhere near this weekend)
~ cross my fingers about computer parts showing up at the local geek store I source material from (
~ I wasn't so frigging sick. oh my god, I totally sick of this sick stuff. My ass is totally on strike for kinder treatment.
~ that all is well with little Finn, in the life and times of pixiecup
~ for abbeyrd to get over the guilt and enjoy a snow day...
~ and for joei to have a total turn-about on the whole twists-and-turns-of-fate. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday to a slightly lost clumsy_me... I hope you are well and have the opportunity to enjoy your day and embrace a year of living happy, healthy and ... dancing around the edges of fun. :)

Welcome Home to LJ User jjnslat!!!
She's been off in the land of the US Peace Corps - serving in Armenia -  for ages and ages... posting infrequently but always something worth reading.
And after so very long... she's home again. 
I'm very proud to know you sugar-Jin... and I'm very happy your home safe and sound. :)

Dear everybody who ever reads my Survivor Updates.
After 15 seasons of never missing a trick... posting updates from vacations and hotel rooms... I totally lost the end of this season due to illness.
I hope you'll forgive me and that you enjoyed the way the season ended.
I really wanted a different outcome ... but that's because I thought one of the final three would have been more fun to see getting face time at the reunion. :)
I knew "Doe Eyes" was gonna kill her changes and I was totally worrying that Courtney was going to win (OHMYGOD that would have been horrible).
Anyways... three's always next time. :)
Next time: Fans versus Favorites: Dude... I gotta say, if I went on this show I would so die from the lack of coffee. :)

(no subject)

you know... "The Omega Man" staring Cap'tn Gun Maniac Himself (Charlton Heston)... was released in 1971.
It scared the crap out of me when I saw it in the late 70's on television.
(That's what happened to movies back then... they went from the theaters... to Teee Veee. Cool 'eh)

Now it's a brand new movie called "I Am Legend" staring a black version of Heston... Mr. Will I Used To Be A Rapper Till I Got All The Money On Earth Smith.

I will be curious to see this new one... but you know... the old versions suck on the freaky effects and make up for it by actually trying to get at the original story line and bring some of the authors "cool idea" to life. Watching the trailers... IAL looks a bit like another serving tray for Will To Get Jiggy Wit Da Bad Guys.

We'll see.