December 14th, 2007


Friday, December 14

It's all about the blowing snow and evil cold today. brrrr.
I put the tree up in the yard last night... and I took some daylight pics today.
I'll take some "lights" pictures at twilight. (somebody posted a gggggggggreat link to a photogs web site that was full of great advice on how to photograph christmas lights... however I wouldn't get my hopes up that I manage to follow all of that guys advice. :)

First draw back of High Definition Television smacked me in the kisser last night when I sat down to watch Survivor at midnight. ... midnight, after the west-coast airing of the show was done... and I find that the PVR is totally OUT OF SPACE  and had been since Oprah earlier in the day. HD tv takes a crap load more space on the hard drive than normal tv. GRRRR. I deleted the whole season of unwatched Grays Anatomy. I gotta get one of those "external disk enclosures" (has to be a SATA-E connection) and I can hook that to my rented PVR... it basically goes virtual, increasing the space on my pvr. :)

~ blue ftls...
~ black jeans
~ old navy shirt...
~ another day at the races...
~ up and at 'em getting people into showers (I swear, the whole family would just skip the day entirely if I didn't get 'em up), feed 'em, remind 'em to wear their hats, and wave as they head to the bus. Which is wwwwwwway better than last year when it ended with driving them to school. :)
~ couple of quick reports off to the clients and get dirty with the first of the big final three reports... (have to be all done by next friday... 'cuz I'm totally OFF after that.
~ arrange the purchase of "two of everything" parts for building new pc's for the kids... to be "under the tree"...
~ and then - at some point - face a friday night with a smile. :)
~ oh, and watch the torrent I just DL'd of last nights survivor.
~ the best of fortune to agent ayoub... er, ayoub
~ to congratulate irishgypsie on the extraction of the thorn
~ that minarets is entertained...
~ and for soylentpurple to feel... just a whole lot better!!

I don't understand the DUI thing. How is it that people still do that?
Is there not enough in-your-face media on the probable outcome of driving while drunk? Let alone the social and legal implications? I mean, losing your license would screw most people up on the job front... and personally... I look rather darkly down my nose at people who get nailed with a DWI. I mean, how frigging stupid do you have to be? 

Last night... kids on computers and Wii in the play room and tv room downstairs.
I come down and head to the "3 mile island" room (so named, because it has an ominous appearance as host to all our water treatment equipment). This room became the "tool shed" for the big basement project and I keep a lot of stuff in there...
Anyways, I walk in the room... and BOOM... OK, not actually boom.
But I was overcome with the smell of propane gas!
close the door.
close the door from the playroom (3 mile island is at the back of the play room) to the rest of the house... open sliding door and windows, grab fan, flick it on...
Call the gas company "24 hour emerg gas leak" line...
ring ring...
... ring ring...
... ring ring ring ring ring ring...
click... beep beep beep beep ...
Start tracing pipes in the ceiling with my eyes. (basement "drop ceiling is not done yet in the playroom)
Oh... the line that feeds the gas b-b-q in the back runs through the 3 mile island room.
Grab sponge and a dish of soapy water... (still pumping adreniline)
Ladder in 3 mile island...
Rip off a great sheath of plastic that is up against the ceiling in that room, covering the safe-n-sound insulation...
Start liberally applying soapy water to the gas pipe and the four joins where it does a two 90 degree turns before heading out through the wall to the BBQ patio.
Ahh... bubbles on the last join.
So the pipe outside... is literally loose!!!
Outside I go and disco all the BBQ stuff, cap it and tuck it away till spring... and then reef on the pipe to twist it into place ... the caulk, "outdoor" type, is actually all broken and useless, so it must have been untwisted by some event... gah, probably when I put the bbq cover on last time and then with snow and cold and stuff was the "last straw" on opening up a leak.
Go back and re-soap-test... and when that comes back fine, I wrap the joins with plumbers putty.
So an hour later the smell is gone and after several more checks... no problemo.
So I call the 24 hour line again this morning to give 'em shit.
the pass me to customer service because there is no current emerg.
customer service tells me... we only support the line up to the house... after that it's your problem.
dick heads.

Is "dreamt" the past tense of dream or is "dreamed"?
I dreamt about skateboarding last night.
It was odd.
I was in the hood suz and I lived in before we bought our first house.
I was tooling around on my "old board" (circa 1974 G&S)
Somehow my board got swapped with some crappy board... and when I found mine again... it had been stripped of the paint job and grip tape... and a chunk was broken off it.
Didn't seem to matter... I was happy to have the board back.

K... gotta jet. :)
Must make my third calls today to various retailers checking for the Guitar Hero's 3 (Wii). :(

(ps. Holy geez I talk alot. :D Thanks for putting up with me all these years. :)

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About christmas lights...

Oh... and Lor? The link to Mr. How-To-Shoot-Christmas-Lights...
[ :: Is Here!! ::]

~ which is all well and good, except if your thumb is FREEEEEEZING OFF YOUR HAND... you tend to rush a bit. :)