December 13th, 2007


Thursday, December 13

Ahhh... you caught me. :)

Snowy day... and I spent an inordinate amount of it on the road. Had to drive downtown twice... which would have been "once" if I wasn't a bone head.
("bone heads" are people that forget important paperwork on their desks at home when they go on long drives downtown)

Oh, and I bought a big ass christmas tree at IKEA (You buy the 20$ tree from them and get a 20$ gift certif to use in their store after Jan 1. Pretty good deal if you shop there.) and I mounted that bad boy on an old pallet that some of the basement raw-materials were delivered on, covered it in lights and plopped it in the middle of my front yard. I'll snap a picture for ya... :)

~ eh... blue, black and blue.
~ (ftls, jeans and tee)
~ driving to a fro... and to and fro... to my downtown office to p-copy stuff and hand in reports and receipts and stuff. blech!
~ finishing up one of two reports for my clients... (another one is due next week... ahhhh!)
~ watching some tv tonight... if I can stay awake! :D
~ that dinkydo takes her Albert E to someone like a Smithsonian rep...
~ I was far from here, close to honuhoney... that way I could give her the neck and shoulder massage she's hanker'en for. :)
~ that ma sowt afrikan queener (teaser) does 'ndeed snap a pic or two of the growing boy...
~ and that cynnerth... somehow... can find her way back... to coffee. :(

Birthday moments... from yesterday
Happy day late birthday yumikid... I hope you enjoyed the moments of your "day" and that this next year... is a year of tranquility... as a foil to the year your tucking in behind you.

K... from a radio show today...
One smallish garbage can, like a miniature full-size garbage can for like, your office or something, with the two handles.
Two empty soup cans. Open at one end, hole poked in the middle of the other end.
Two lengths of string. Tie a knot in the end of each.
String 'em through the cans... one can, one string. The knot-end is in the can, the string-end is hanging out the bottom.
Use good strong tape and tape the two cans together "open end to open end", resulting in a barrel, with strings hanging out of each end.
Tie the string ends to the handles of the mini-garbage can. Tie 'em tightish.
Now you have a barrel suspended across the top of the little garbage can. (nice and spinny)
Put a stripe of peanut butter around the barrel... like the red stripe on a barber shop pole. (nice and yummi)
Cover the rest of the barrel with OIL. (nice and slippery)
Fill up the garbage can half way with water.
Place contraption where ever your mice run.
End of mouse problem.

Life is completely wonderful.
Except for the parts that aren't.

143 :)