December 11th, 2007


Tuesday, December 11


K... the "relax" sweater is fitting like a charm.
Just say'en. :)

Lots of snow.
snow snow snow... snow snow snow... just... lots and lots of snow.
Today is December 11.
On this day, in 1901, Marconi sent the VERY FIRST transatlantic radio signal from what is now called "signal hill" in St. John's Newfoundland (Canada) to Cornwall, England. At least... I'm pretty sure it wasn't called "signal hill" before that italian dude came along.
I've stood on that hill. You totally can't see Cornwall from there. It's wicked far away... :D
As I type this into my laptop, connected with a wireless card to my router, to cablevision, to the bell system, and instantly around the world...
We've come a long way baybeeee... :D :D

~ gray ftls
~ black jeans
~ big warm shirt... gah... I just want to be warm today. No more chills plz.
~ up and at 'em early with a quick report to new clients...
~ con call from early till forever...
~ and round out the day working on old clients (still "current" till end of year) stuff.
~ groceries tonight... must... get...  Snow or no snow... :)
~ for amythyst to find some kind of relief...
~ that arlyn's worker bees... just tow the line man...
~ and that debby ... enjoys the dip dip... may I spread it a little for ya? :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday mz amazing-c (chiropteraclan) (may life let you lay your hands on me some day...) I hope you are well and are afforded great comfort on your day. :) Have a lovely birthday day.

[ :: Dam you girl... no 16 year old daughter of mine is going to let whitey see her lovely face... Die! :: ]
Yeah... (thanks Vaun).
Nothing wrong with Islam. Not one thing.
It's just the freaks that think they are abiding by it.
Now that's a problem.
Please make an example of this guy.
I'd prefer about 10 grams of lead, two inches inside his forehead... but that wont happen.
Dick head.

Oh dear dear dear dear... outside my window...

and only because you asked...
ug. and it doesn't quite do justice to the "blue zone" across the side of my foot. :(
[ :: magled toe :: ]
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