December 10th, 2007


Monday, December 10

allo komputer...

Wrote exam number two this morning...
... I feel like I've been in a fog for the last month.
No seriously... I've just been ga ga with stuff and,
now the fog is lifting.

It's at times like this that work usually throws me a curve ball ... but screw that.
I'm totally committed to finding a way to chill my pill and slip on a nice soft sweater made of 100% relax.

Oh, and the fun part? After a marathon full dawn-till-night study thing yesterday, when I was all ready for bed...
I realized that the fricking tooth fairy has been shirking her duties. Geo lost a tooth days ago!! and it was in a wee "tooth pillow" thing, under his pillow.
So, in my ginch, sox and tee I zoomed out to my car... the only place I have any decent change, and grabbed a toonie.
Then? Then on the way back into the house, I hopped over a garbage can and WWWWHAM!!!!!!
I slammed my left foot into Suz's car bumper.
K, I know what yelling and cursing sounds like.
This wasn't that...
... I screamed.
Kind of a psycho shower moment, piercing scream.
(this next bit is a bit of a trigger... be warned...)
... I had to reach down, and crackle bones bending my baby toe back into the proper alignment with the other toes.
I even sat her snapping cam pictures of it... black, blue, red, and swollen.
Be happy that I thought better of you... and decided not to gross you totally green.
I'mma gonna put it on ice again soon, and then tape it to the next toe and see how it does.

~ gray ftls,
~ black jeans
~ black belt...
~ black tee and a comfy gray three-tone p-z sweater... comfort clothes for the evening time.
~ and I just felt like tossing in the belt reference. :)
~ up and at 'em feeding the boys and kissing them goodbye...
~ shower, dress and head off to exam central. Me and my aching fricking toe.
~ wrote from 9 till noon, then downtown for meetings all afternoon with bosses and co-worker dudes... one co-worker dude, in particular, forgot all about a cd he was gonna bring me... so I'm still waiting to upgrade my ibook. dum di dum...
~ home with pizza, and off again to Ed's basketball game. :)
~ now it's now... and soon it will be time to snuggle up with the boys and continue reading "The Golden Compass". :)
~ that the snappiest cob in missoula (at least I think it's missoula)...(kitiara) gets her way and gets her pooch. :)
~ for things to keep "looking up" in the land of aireal
~ to tell nbbmom that "Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch" is never dinner... ever.
~ that canuckgirl serves her sausage balls ... schwetty. :)
~ and that my lovely "shirt girl"... soylentpurple ... enjoys getting set for 30 people...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to one of few people in lj land I've actually met in person... little miss krizsa. May the days of the year ahead, keep you safe, let you have fun, and protect you from the crazy people. :D
And to my absolute favorite lesbian cartoon make'en super chick... who will always be Katie to me, Happy birthday fallingforward. I hope you are blessed with continued happiness... great love, and all kinds of opportunities to show off the wonderful things that come out of the pens in your hand.

Our GE coffee maker... never recovered from my "cleaning".
Last flipp'en time I go whole hog cleaning a coffee maker... lemmi tell ya!
Went out and bought an 18$ on-sale sunbeam at wally land... and yes, I still shop at wallmart. Let 'em eat cake.
At 18$ ... I can handle it if it stops working within the year.
Coffee makers, except the Bunn (bunn-o-matic home) are the same... regardless of the 18 or the 80$ price tag.
Plastic reservoir with plastic tubes that feeds a standard heat and drip.
(Bunn uses copper pipes and other cool bits, including a "heated reservoir"... sigh... I miss my bunn-o-matic).

We had company... (us? imagine that) on Saturday night. Two other couples... their kids all played downstairs... Wii on the big TV is pretty cool. :)
I got the "extendible, bendy, arm" thing installed on Friday night, for the family room tv... is cool. Is very trippy to install and then simply trust that it's gonna hold. Scares the crap out of me actually... but it's in studs and it's supposed to work... so whatever. :)

WOW people...
Is it possible to put your account on "hold"? like lets say you have a prepaid account active for two months but want to stop for a month... can you? or does the month tick by no matter what?

peace... :)