December 5th, 2007


Wednesday, December 5

Hola... this is me (d'uh), in my hotel room, with my new apparently crappy blue tooth thing.
I renamed it "borg" in the bluetooth settings.
Feedback from phone calls say's the sound quality blows pigs.
It was major inexpensive at Amazon so I snagged it... and it's OOOOODLES better than my wired ear piece for the car so... that'll do pig.

I was walking away from my meeting... hearing Christmas muzak leaking from stores and feeling very much like I was an extra in a christmas episode of The West Wing.  :)

~ total business boy with blood and everything...
~ oh, big bright red dress shirt... 'cuz it's like, december and stuff.
~ up before the ass-crack of dawn has any idea it's an ass-crack.
~ shower, shave, dress and pour a big beautiful car cup of coffee and hit the road...
~ stop to leisurely load up my gas tank before I park at the airport for a couple of days... because parked cars really dig full gas tanks...
~ dash into the airport and ... see that I am officially 55 minutes ahead of my flight.
~ listen to airline lady explain that 55 is most definitely totally different than 60.
~ begin to madly rebook flights and ppppppppppray that I can hit a 10 minute connection in the Toronto Zoo... also known as Toronto Int'l Airport.
~ was booked to flyt direct from Ottawa to Dulles... but they wouldn't let me board that flight... because of the 5 minute thing...
~ got booked on a flight to TO and from there to Ron Reagan Airport. (note: Dulles = 70$ cab ride away from DC, RR = 10$ cab ride...)
~ planned to cab from Dulles after arriving at 8:45 ... so I figure... no problemo.
~ didn't plan on the RR deal because I wouldn't get there till 10:30 and the meeting was at 11:00.
~ sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......
~ cut my left index finger "knuckle" huge... (dripping blood everywhere) in the "ottawa airport security checkpoint"... kind of a TV sit-com moment... Shoe'less, beltless, blood everywhere...
~ and actually made it to DC by 11:05.
~ the kicker? IT'S SNOWING HERE... so the cab ride from Dulles would have been 2 1/2 hours long... I wouldn't have made the meeting if I had made my original flight.
~ thank the gods for the 60 minute rule.
~ two hour meeting ... and?
~ done.
~ pathetic eh. ? :D
~ spending the rest of day in a hotel room working on client stuff and studying for this mondays exam. :( (second and LAST exam... until the next one... that'll be in the new year though. :D)
~ I know it's dumb-late... but I might even have a moment or two to try and write up something about Survivor from last week. I still haven't watched AmazingRace from Sunday. :(
~ to send a smile out to none_too_subtle... just 'cuz.... :D
~ that jloopy finds all the twits she wants... er... twitters...
~ for sickboy to escape the irony,
~ and that i_beckygardens gets her ass to the store... (went for a bit of a pun there... :D)

Birthday moments from Yesterday... December 4
Happy birthday to a daddy who's gotta be tired all the time... HB robont!! I hope you have a wonderful year.
And to gigglecam... Happy birthday C girl. A woman who appears to be catching up with the artist inside herself... may the year ahead bring you great success.

Oh, and two special notes from my non-byte-life...
Happy birthday to Celine... my best friends wife... a wonderful and beautiful woman, a great friend and one seriously busy mom.
And a happy-day-late birthday out to my Dad too. We call Dad "papa" and I like that. May this next year bring you comfort, health and all kinds of opportunity to hear me tell you how much I love you. :)

HEY... New South Wales'ians... (I prol'y killed the spelling there...sorry)... but to my Australian friends... from NSW... You guys live in Opal Central. Can you get me a deal or some advice on beautiful opal? Suz has been cruizing Ebay like mad to find an Opal necklace for Geo (he put it on his xmas list)... He's an October baby and he's decided he want's an Opal Necklace... ???

I'mma gonna take the HD PvR that I grabbed for the tv room, back. I'm going to just use a HD decoder (the Non PVR type) in that room. Movies and games... and some tv.
I rented "Live Free and Die Hard" or whatever it's called... to "christen" the tv room... I rented it on Friday. Still haven't watched it. I suck. Busy weekend... busy life... I AM SOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CHRISTMAS COMA ZONE.

No seriously... I've had a flat-bread sammich so far today... and three cups of coffee... and a "chewy bar" thing. gah...

143. :)
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I want to buy a Guitar Hero's thing for the Wii... (christmas prezzi) and it's totally the fricking "Tickle-me-Elmo" of this years shopping season.

In fact... if I can get to a store when they have a supply... I'm supposed to buy three... so suz can sell two on Ebay.
It's just dorky... and IT'S TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND.