December 3rd, 2007


Monday, December 3

BIG THANK YOU... out to kimmellee... the girl that's taking care of my neck. :)
Apparently we mixed up the postal code but whatever... it arrived today!! :D
Thank you sugar-mellee... :D

Life is pretty much a blurr right now... :)
Things are going so fast, I'm kinda dizzy trying to keep up.

I've been in a cave since saturday, studying for the exam I wrote this morning...
And as soon as that was done, the floodgates open up on my client stuff.
Now I'm flying back to DC on Wednesday morning for a two day meeting bonanza.
Airplanes, airports, hotels, taxi cabs, room service, restaurants and the endless variety of board rooms.

And it's december!! I should be messing around with decorations and being lazy. :)
Ah well...

~ blue ftls, black jeans, a gray tee and a tommy sweater. :)
~ oh, and tommy socks too ... thanks to another "deal" at cost-co. :D
~ up at the crack of nuthin to see 20 cms of snow had fallen... hear that school buses are cancelled and get myself ready and gone to write my exam.
~ drive through two ruts in the snow down our street and make it to semi plowed highways and very slow moving traffic.
~ not sure how the exam went... it was hard... it was long... and I know I missed a few things... Now all that matters is that I didn't miss too many things. :)
~ planning (literally) THE NEXT FULL YEAR CONTRACT with a client in Washington... (1 week in 5 on-site) and working on client stuff.
~ gonna make a big ol' chicken teriaki (and I don't care how you spell that) stir fry for dinner
~ hope to actually watch some tv tonight. I haven't actually watched ANYTHING on the new tvs yet.
~ to send a smile to lindalee_ and all my friends to go visit her... Your work is just beautiful sugar. (She makes jewelery)
~ that dotcombabe and my other western canada pals... manage to survive their snow... while we dig ourselves out of our own. :(
~ and that amythyst enjoys her brand new toy. :) (no... it's a macbook!).

Birthday moments
Happy birthday cattarina! :D I hope you find the chance to celebrate your day and may the next year keep you well and smack-up-against-all-kinds-of-fun!
And to my favourite little two bit tramp... minarets (AHHH MG! I'm just kidding... ho... I mean, no seriously... I didn't really say that... you're wonderful... :D) Happy birthday little miss sugar-cacks... May the HODES be with you!! Have a great year little nugget and I hope you manage to stay sane and fill yourself with pleasure. (and you not chopped liver... :D)  

So Livejournal is now owned by a russian company... dos vidanya Six-Apart and dras vitsi comrades!! :D

I'm sorry I've been so absent. I know it's no big... but I do feel "out of touch".
Life will let me come and play again soon. :)