November 29th, 2007


Thursday, November 29

me = on the phone getting a deal. :)

K, the day started in a snowy wonederland... big puffy snow, seemed like it was falling in slow motion...
We wake up in the pitch dark... and it lightens up as we do the breakfast thing... and it's proper-light-out for the school bus.
And as every pale curtain of darkness was replaced by light... the snow just kept looking prettier. :)

Of course, this is Canada... and late November... so it turned to rain at one point... then cleared up and got wicked sunny and gorgeous and now? Now it's back to overcast and cold. :)

Today... is a good day. :)

~ loud, bright, "teal" ftls...
~ fresh washed new'ish black jeans... (I love it when jeans fit and feel so snug-comfy)
~ black tee and a gray hoodie.
~ basically... I'm hiding my colours. :D
~ busy freaking day!!!
~ besides general work-a-work for the clients... I've been all over phone calls and emails... because we won the contract in Washington I was "last minute asked to help with" when I was in Fairfax a few weeks ago... HUGE HUGE THING...
~ and it's a survivor night. :) Oh, and we're all going out to dinner tonight. A treat from my boss. :)
~ that friends get to really'n'truly feel the love and know that good things... come back to them.
~ er... that I can get the work I have on my plate... finished today. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday sugar-mere... (smooshiefaceinc). May you be rewarded with the friendship of many and the love of a very special few... Have a wonderful day.
Happy birthday abbeyrd! May all your horde buddies... stomp the alliance. :) (and have a grand celebration of your birthday sugar.)
Happy birthday sugar suz... billie0 and I hope you are blessed with the company of family for your celebration and the season ahead.
And to my very treasured friend, dear lakme... have a wonderful birthday sweet-suzanne. I hope you hold on to good health, and great love as this year ticks past. I miss you and I hope that one-day-soon, we will be able to share a meal and some moments again. Get In Ma Belly! :D

Had my "cable company" (Rogers) on the phone for an hour this morning... getting sorted on new service for the new tv. Well didn't we just find that they've been neglecting to provide me with all of the discounts they owe me... for the last YEAR. hahaha... I got a huge credit applied to my account and scored a great deal on a new pvr for the tv room. Colour me happy. :)

No time...
All the energy in the world...
Not even a little sleepy... (I went to bed at a good time for a change)
But so much to do... it's goofy. :)

See ya soon.