November 23rd, 2007


Friday, November 23

Ok... it's winter. I get it.
Hats, gloves... big coats, ski jackets, snow brushes for the cars... snow tires, where's the salt for the walk way?, blinking against the brilliant white-out every time you step outside...

Last night was pretty much a write off... but the migraine subsided and I'm back ... so far. :)
Oh, and we dragged ourselves down to watch Survivor at some point... only to be disappointed by the mid-season fake-episode "Lets review" episode. I turned it off after 30 seconds.
So someone tell me if they spent any significant time on the important issues... like why they keep fuzzing Amanda's ass, or if any of the skinny people actually died or something... :)

~ black black and ... a black hoodie. :)
~ no, I'm not in a black mood... it's just a function of my almost "colour free" crappy-wear shelves.
~ dress crappy... :D and spend the day catching up on my client projects.
~ bring the kids and go to pick up Suz at work and do a "car drop off" for her car to have her snow tires put on...
~ then meet my folks at Swiss Chalet and have a yummi "I didn't cook it" dinner. :D :D
~ enjoy a friday night... FRIDAY NIGHT? I'm stunned at how quick this week vanished.
~ I had a big ol'stop button... so I could stop the world while I play catch up.
~ for happy tummy moments to find teasdale
~ that the angels visit my friends soon...
~ and to smile at nontradstudent... aka Miss Hot-Stuff. :)

I just listened to this adorable recording of a call - a prank call - made to a demolition company by this little irish girl... (Thanks hisbeauty - via facebook).
It reminded me - besides being so adorable and funny - how blessed the irish accent is. It's like a free pass to all my soft spots... having an irish accent. The thicker the better. If I can barely understand you, and you have two x chromosomes... I'm pretty much putty in your hands. :) Oh and that little kid was so cute with the "Top Man" stuff... "Is this the top-man?" (the boss). 
(Ok, I admit it... I feel the same way about Australian and South African accents... geez... I start melting inside just thinking about it...)

I am constantly disgusted with the reality that we so completely underfund education in this country. It's like ... only the totally insane people get to be in charge of things.
I mean, how the heck else can it be possible for our governments to see their way - with a clear conscience - to buying more military gear, and sending "aid" to foreign countries and yet our schools have to shut down a majority of the drinking fountains because the schools can't afford to "flush out" the pipes supporting all but the fountains off the central pipes.  And it's not even really just the water thing... We have to contribute money for frigg'en everything at the kids schools... from glue, to kleenex.
Sorry to sound so totally like sam seaborn, but our schools should palaces and our teachers treated like gods... and paid accordingly.
This is our future... and we keep screwing the future by screwing these kids.
It's just not fair.

So... 'mericans... what'd ya buy today? Hmm... give. Tell me... tell me true.
What'd ya get and what's it do?
Did you get a deal... or was today an excuse?
k'mon... :D

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