November 21st, 2007


Wednesday, November 21

Another busy day in the life and times... :)
The lot next door looks like a bomb blew up in the middle of it.... and there's all these giant tonka trucks playing in the mess.

Oh... DUDE... it snowed last night.

And ... of course... we all slept in till 7:30 today, so we woke up in brilliant white land. Kids missed their bus, so I had to drive 'em... and ... no snow tires... mags, in fact.
I put on the snow tires as soon as I got home. :D

~ eh... black jeans again. :)
~ my exploding universe tee and a warm maroon sweatshirt
~ was planning on getting a bunch done...
~ wasn't planning on getting 10 million requests in the mail from work to do this and that...
~ THE IKEA STUFF ARRIVED... so we picked it up last night and ... later... I'mma gonna have a blast. :D
~ oh, and "coffee / dessert" at my SILs with the family after dinner. My MIL just got back from hawaii. :) (lucky duck).
~ for my sweet friend, tonya to find the patience, and rest she craves...
~ that all is well - or gets that way soon - in the beating-chest of catseatdogs!!
~ and that evangelinaarion will ... just... put... the ... Krispy Kreme down... nice and slow...

Headline News
Taser explodes in officers hand when he draws it, sending the contact darts into the officers testicles and releasing their full charge.

er... or should I say "Headline News I Was Hoping For"

I get to open IKEA boxes, make a mess, and build things tonight.
This is serious fun. Always has been... always will be. :)
Good ol'IKEA.

I gotta go help Ed with this homework... and get dinner going. :)
See ya.