November 20th, 2007


Tuesday, November 20

Ok... very weird looking colours and "self" in photo.
but there it is... a weird guy in a strange place and ... definitely free from the shackles of shame. :)

It's a weird day... clearly it's Fall trying to get it's head around being Winter.
Fall is winning... but that wont last for long.

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ gap sweatshop tee
~ and a warm hoodie.
~ was planning on a normal day...
~ didn't work out that way.
~ having a harsh day today. I need to do some mental rebooting.
~ to send some happy vibes out to yumikid ... because the world is getting brighter for her...
~ to send a few quiet little "congrats" thoughts out to sassy_red_head... :)
~ that I had time to really dive into my Fps ... but today is a crazy day.

Birthday moments
~ just remembering a young woman named Becca. Today would have been her 23rd birthday.

I am ... simply amazed at the kindness of my lj friends.
I am so flipp'en lucky to have you guys around. :D

I often am taken to moments of quiet jealousy about people I see who's lot-in-life, from a work-a-day point of view, is to perform a repetative physical task. I know that I get some of my best "thinking" done while I work away at some project... yet I can become brain dead when I sit down to do a bunch of writing for work. I guess what I need is some kind of neural implant that interfaces with my computer to lay out and populate documents directly from my think think think moments.  Then I could build things and write at the same time. Of course, I'd prol'y be twice as tired at the end of the day.

Note: this was my round-about way of sending up a balloon on the subject of just how tiring brain work can be. I know physical work is hard and tiring, but you're fooling yourself if you look at a thinker and imagine he or she "has it made".

Note 2: Ok, that's bs. I was just saying note 1 'cuz I feel guilty about being jealous about jobs that you just "do" day to day... versus having to make shit up day after day after day after day...

I should teach a course on procrastination...

Dinner (recipe)

Ok, so I'm sure this is old hat to a lot of folks, but I also know there's a lot of families out there that would love an "easy fabulous" meal plan.

So here's the idea:
Every so often, boneless, "bottom blade" pot roasts (or other "blades) of beef go on sale at your butcher or grocer.
Like 5 or 6$ for a 1.4 kg (think: about the size of a babies head -er... ok, ick, or maybe a small head of lettuce. :D)

This is enough to stuff a family of four and leave meat for three lunches tomorrow.

So when they're on sale, buy a bunch. Buy 6 of 'em. And when you do, go to the soup isle and buy the same number of either DRY onion soup or mixed vegitable soup mix.
And toss 'em in your freezer. They're small, so even if you only have the "above the fridge" freezer, well, you can squeeeeeze two of 'em in there.

Now on a day when you need to feed the gang but have no time....
You pull it out of the freezer after breakfast.
Put it on the counter. Ignore it till lunch.
You don't actually have to diss the roast...
but pretty much "pay it no mind" works. :D

After lunch, turn the oven on to broil.
Get a small pan, 9 inch glass baking dish, or something you can stick in the oven.
Tear off a sheet of tin-foil and lay it out in the pan.
Put the mean in the middle of the tin foil (careful not to rip it)
Sprinkle a little salt...
And put it in the oven FOR 10 MINUTES. NO more.
This browns the top of the roast.
Take it out, and change the oven to "bake @ 300".

Pour a package of dry onion or mixed-vegitable soup (Knorr is yum!!!) soup mix (DRY DRY DRY... this is all powdery and stuff...)
er... Yeah, "pour the dry soup" over the meat and then close up the tin foil.
It doesn't have to be 1990's jeans tight... leave it 1979 loose. Space around the meat for juice to collect.
If you do this right... the pan never even gets dirty.

Now back in the oven... it's still only just like 12:30 ish...
And back to the whole "ignore it" thing.
Except that by 4:00 you're kitchen is gonna be smelling like heaven.
When the kitchen smells great... wash a few potatoes, and toss 'em in the oven.

@ 5:30 you have baked potatoes and a "melts in your mouth" roast of meat.
This is not a "rare, medium, or well" issue kind of meat. It's well done... but it's juicy and yummi and delicious.

The effort to put together a meal like this... is about 15 minutes TOTAL.
And it's delicious.

Remember to turn off the oven.
And remember to make a vegitible to go with dinner, even if it's just a can of corn.
I used to be able to make a christopher reeves joke here, but now I'd have to say,
And remember to make a corpse to go with dinner... and that doesn't work at all.

K... later.