November 19th, 2007


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FOP Day... I think.

first post...

Face book friend requests:
This is one of those "screened response" posts...

Who is...
Brad DeGrunchy?
Roger Wink
Lisa Trenn
Darcykins Maske
Jeanie Smith

I know... I should likely already know who you are and recognize your LJ name.
But I'm old and feeble...
Oh wait... no, I'm not old and feeble... I just have five hundred lj friends...
and I'm just not good at putting the real names to the lj names.
And I'm not friending folks in Facebook I don't know...
So give... who are you?

Monday, November 19

Today ... I reach out.

And today, I sit back, basking in a glow that can only be achieved by the presence of so many wonderful people.

Today I am well reminded of the strength that lies at the heart of the human spirit.

Each of us is only ... one person.
Every one of us can change the world in a heartbeat.
... when we work together.

Thank you.

~ warm stuff... :D
~ er, black stripee ftls, black jeans, and old tee (cape cod,... remember when that was my new shirt?) and a big warm hoodie.
~ a pretty normal monday... some calls for the Homeowners Association, work'en for the boss and the clients, lunch-time trip to Cost-co to return the camera, and back to work'en for the clients. :)
~ gonna make yummi dinner... and serve it early, because Ed has basketball tonight... dumplings, pork-balls, and chicken/noodle teriaki stuff... :) Oh, and I'll toss some veggies in there somewhere.
~ find a chance to relax tonight. 
~ To say ... thank you for all you have done and ... thanks to those that are still getting around to it. :)

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to a long time lj friend ...elliriel. May you be blessed with good health and the chance to keep your family in close comfort. 
And to one of the few Lj folks I've been lucky enough to meet... happy birthday sugar-ray... (raylenetaskoski). I will always and forever keep a soft spot for you in my heart and I wish you all the best on your day. :)

Lets see how the Canadian version of the truth plays out.
15 year old boy, caught up in the bombing of his village and destruction of his region, province and country...
influenced by the fellow citizens of his native land that have taken up arms to defend and fight back.
15 year old boy who cannot possibly understand the implications of Afghanistan's history and the role his country is playing in world events.
A boy who would be in grade 10 if he lived here... who likely only had a primary school education...
He is nabbed by US ground forces in Afghanistan and "Charged with" battling against US troops.
He is officially accused of throwing a grenade and an american soldier died from that grenade.
Meanwhile... the US is BOMBING his country, and invading with platoons of troops, shooting, burning, and killing.

So where is he now? Why that young lad has been in Git-Mo since the battle in Afghanistan started.
Tortured... secluded and ... well, TORTURED.

The thing is... his family is Canadian. I dunno the details of the family immigration thing but this kid is a canadian citizen.
"Oh yeah, well why was he in that war zone?"
~ heard that... and I wonder exactly what that has to do with anything?
Reminder: 15 year old KID.

So ... yeah... nice.
Way to be "leaders of the free world".

Gotta get back to work. :)
See ya soon.