November 18th, 2007


Sunday, November 18

Another beautiful day in paradise. :)

Sunshine... cold air... but blue sky and not a lot of wind.
So all you do all day long is wander around grinning at how wonderful it is.
I could use a six day weekend like this just to get caught up on garage cleaning, ceiling "installing" and messing with christmas lights.

Zee won tickets to see Bon Jovi at work.
Er... Ok, she won the tickets at her work.
Not... won tickets to go see Bon Jovi at some desk, stapling things.
So she went with her sis and they had a great time.
I had to think that that "Rear View" seats mean something different at at Bon Jovi concert.
It was a great show.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ black jeans... and I go for that other hole on the belt... I get less of the "a pear in pants" problem. :)
~ long sleeve...
~ up kinda early and doing stuff outside to put up the new giant christmas wreath... I'll take a picture and show you. :)
~ met the folks that are building a house in the empty lot next to ours... they'll be moving in next July. Nice people.
~ more sofa shopping ... eq3 and mobilia today. I'm just about at the end of my capacity to be objective.
~ groceries on the way home... and - as per a phone call from Geo while we were shopping - we had a big fondu for dinner. :)
~ now it's after-dinner-sunday-night-chill-time.
~ oh, and my kids are amazingly lazy. seriously... but I guess this is par for the course. I'm pretty sure I was lazy at their age too. :D
~ some 4400 tonight... I hope...
~ to smile at the happy ladyfire
~ and that I'm not in hot water for dissing the big ten.

Birthday moments...
to a much absent devilshalo13... happy birthday sugar... and I hope all is well. May the year ahead bring you loads to smile about.
And to kaeren too... a where-ever-you-are happy birthday wish. :) I hope you're finding lots to keep you occupied... and laughing all the while.



"Weeds" the tv show... next epi is the season finale for season three. This show is just amazing.
It's totally got me. And that's not even counting my thang for Mary-mary-lo-lo.

'member I bought a Lumix camera... new "replace my old canon" camera?
Yeah, well it goes back tomorrow.
It makes quicktime movies that don't import into windows movie maker.
And while I can screw around with filters and stuff to make it happen,
This is not a path I'm sending zee down.
So the camera goes back and it's back to the drawing board.