November 16th, 2007


Friday, November 16

Me and pillows are ... just not getting along.
Pretty much every night I wake up with my head wedged into some horrible position, adjusting for zee's desire to use two pillows.
My head likes ... no pillows... or like... neck support (I end up "poofing" a pillow into log to put under my neck).
Last night was especially evil. I couldn't move, my neck was so stiff. I mean, ok... I could move stuff besides my head.
And after a minute of easing into it... I could move everything fine.
But... I gotta figure a better way. :)

It's very windy today... windy... windier... windiest.
Or is that Wendy, Wendier, Wendiest?
but I digress.

~ green ftls,
~ black jeans
~ orange tee... lol
~ beige tommy
~ all about a friday.
~ this means client status reports, and slogging away at the docs...
~ write about survivor... :)
~ eat OUT with the family tonight... I deserve a break from dinner make'en. :)
~ I would flipping remember to do stretching exercises with Geo... I keep promising to do it, and I keep forgetting. GRRRR!
~ It was reasonable to actually list ya'll but ... the numbers are going up... so this is a general "get well soon" wish out to my pals... :D

I gotta refocus from the "room" to the kids computers and deal with some upgrade issues.
No question.


Furniture shopping. Whenever we see stuff that looks like this...
We turn to each other and mumble [ :: "Fat Bastard" :: ].
And then walk away to find something that isn't gross.

The "cable" I put in yesterday... and the guys are coming to "crimp up" on Saturday.. .

I know the pics are dark... but... that's my "Fun-Wall".
I've had a facebook since the get-go... and I still don't actually understand wtf is going on there half the time.
Do people just choose to install those "other apps" hither and yon? Bah... kids today. :D

And the spaghetti monster god alter I'm making behind the cabinet...

... the IKEA stuff waiting for IKEA to stock the other cabinet...

And ... I just love this view of our main floor. :)

We're getting sick.
Ed was feverish and had to stay home earlier in the week...
Now zee is all a'sniffles and feeling crummy...
Geo was off this morning...
gah... I know I'm next and this weekend is going to be the suck.

~ Smile ... somebody loves you.
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When installing XP Pro on various family computers, I always select NFTS as the file system to format for and install on that.

For a moderate to "lower end" laptop... (an Inspiron 1000) would I any better off - performance wise - to be using FAT32?