November 14th, 2007


Wednesday, November 14

Took off for quick-groceries ... and arrived home just as my mom came by for a visit.

She's always heading off to somewhere for another painting weekend, workshop or whatever. Busy lady... wonderful art.
I am always so very cognizant and appreciative of the fact that my extended family all live... HERE in the same city.
It is a blessing to have family close by. Sometimes its great, sometimes its frustrating... but it's always family and for this... there is no substitute.

Gray, windy and unnaturally warm. Must mean some very evil weather is approaching.
There was quite the red-sky at dawn today... boding poorly for all things weather related. :D

~ green ftls.
~ ze'new jeans...
~ a warm long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. It's almost warmer outside than it is inside today. One of those weird almost-winter days that get confused.
~ all about work today... d'uh...
~ although, IKEA has ONE unit of the thing I'm waiting for, so if my conference call goes well, I may zoooooom to IKEA for a quick pick up.  (scratch that... I made 'em check the shelf and it was still out-of-stock... grrrrrr)
~ taco's for dinner. :D
~ for a little of that good-health thing to touch down in the house of dailymom
~ to marvel at all I have learned by being an attentive friend to kitiara...
~ I knew if bardiva had a red swingline in her office...

Birthday moments
Happy birthday phatmommadee!! May the discoveries you make and inspire as a mom reward you all through the next year. I hope the family hoo-haaa goes well with gravy... and you enjoy your... um,... 21st. :D
A very happy birthday out to "moose" (moosifer)... a boy, a girl, a dead ostrich, and far more dessert than a body should consume. Yes indeed... memories. :D Have a great day today and I hope this next year keeps you safe, healthy and endlessly close to folks that love and cherish you.

Folks talking... subject comes up about an Indian band in Canada facing the real prospect of their language vanishing.
Subject turns to national involvement in what-ever-could-be-done to make it not so.
My hackles went up... and I poorly understood my own feelings.
I understand them better now.
My first thought was "so?"
I mean... we're losing species of animal, varieties of plants, let alone clean water every day.
We've lost a lot more than a language... which we've lost many of already, btw...
I understand that some people care... especially the members of that band... I suppose.
A good point was made that truly the ones who care are all of them... except only when they're over forty.
Being that the younger band members ... don't give a hoot about a lot, let alone their language... that they don't speak.
All that aside.
I was incensed by the thought... "Before you take a single dollar away from an environmental protection program... away from supporting a food bank... away from any part of the health care system... to pay for an effort to keep this particular Indian band's language alive... explain to me why that language is more important than those other things?"
There's only so much money to go around.
What we choose to spend it on ... matters.

Of course, the whole line of reasoning becomes a shit storm when you realize we're spending 11 billion dollars on some big herc aircrafts to move gear to and from Afghanistan.

PLEASE STOP SPENDING GOVENMENT MONEY, TIME AND ENERGY DICKING AROUND WITH HE SAID SHE SAID GAMES OVER IDIOT BOY BRIAN MULROONY. Nobody should care.  It's totally history and ... pawwwwleese!!! Like screwing around with this in the courts and government is going to ever change any-frigging-thing what-so-ever!!!! 

Yoko Ono's adopted son, Chance Ono, was arrested and charged with possession of an unregistered, unlicensed weapon.
Yoko came to the station and proclaimed to the officers that it's a dangerous world for her son and he needed protection.
So she decided to give Chance a piece.

k... sorry.