November 13th, 2007


Tuesday, November 13

Totally missed yesterday.
Just... a gone day.

Ok, after relentless rain last night... today is nothing but sunshine and blue sky. It's kinda trippy, actually. It's very warm and mid-september like.
Of course, now I'm remembering a) last years green christmas and b) paying all that money to the snow plowing guys...

I got some christmas lights up yesterday... only to leave myself feeling a whole lot like I need to put up a lot more lights. sigh... no, seriously... double sigh.
It takes frigg'en forever to put up christmas lights and - knowing my spazy self - I'm likely to do a header of a ladder.
Ah well... ho ho ho and all that. :D

Edward is home today... a solid 99 temperature and very "horse" etc... we'll see how he feels as the day wears on.

Oh, and yesterday... I'm having ten kinds of fun with this media room thing... but it remains such a freaking "work in progress". :)
I'm all about the cabinets now. I had a plan and bought all the stuff I needed at IKEA... however, I had not taken into account that I could remove or "modify" the trim to get a full two more inches in the width of the space... so I decided to return one thing to get another "bigger" thing... and sadly, IKEA is out of the "bigger" one until next weekend. So I'm kinda "half way through" building this big ol thing. It's gonna be so kewl. :D :D :D

~ black ftls... getting old... sigh... gonna have to chuck 'em soon.
~ new black jeans that I wear all the time... (translation: I'm gonna wreck 'em ... I just know it)
~ black exploding universe tee... Hiya Purple-sugar.
~ expense reports
~ dive into a series of docs for the clients... big "conference call' thing tomorrow.
~ see if I can get some more christmas light stuff sorted
~ for nbbmom to enjoy traumatizing her little guy...
~ that ladymeg1...gets her own room in FLA.
~ to hear from my friend Dave... inspectorjury... :)
~ and to smile and wave at debby... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments
Happy birthday Adrienne! (days_unfolding)... and may the days of this year conspire to make you feel as young as you deserve to be... I hope you get to enjoy every moment of mom's visit and that you have a wonderful birthday. :D

I'm seriously considering buying a new theater amp.
My yamaha is great... but it's totally "only" a conduit for sound. So I can't channel component (let alone HDMI) signals through it. 
Bottom line... I'll end up with three diff sets of cables going to the TV.. and the conduit will be seriously taxed. (bad planning).
However an HDMI integrated AMP would make it possible to send everything into the back of the amp and only send one HDMI cable to the TV.

I'm soooooo behind in tv land. :)
I've got three weeks of heroes, the season-to-date of: Desperate House Hoes, Grays Anatomy; Bionic Chick... not mention Amazing Race and an assortment of Jon Stewarts waiting in the wings.  When did I used to have time for television? Like... I'm lucky if I get to watch a single show every couple of days. Oh wait... it's because I keep pounding down Weeds and The 4400 from torrent land and watching those shows instead of what's actually on television.
sigh. :)
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Audio Video People...
A question:

You know how they say you can put your sub-woofer pretty much anywhere in the room... behind the sofa, in a corner, etc...
Well, at least... that's what people said to me.
So the question is...
Can you put it in a cupboard? Like... [ :: in a wall unit exactly like this :: ].
The idea there that the subwoofer is in a bottom "nook" in this unit ... a "nook" that has been sized for it...

Is that bad mojo on the sound design front? Does it have-to-be on the floor?