November 9th, 2007


Friday, November 9

finger went totally ballistic last night... geez.
It's way better now, but there was some scream'en good pressure last night.
Anyways... I'm a spaz and I've just had to learn to live with that. :D

Absolutely gorgeous fall day today... pretty decent for a friday.
Got to have lunch with a short hair hottie... god, I love short hair.
I mean... I dig the big panteen trip, but ... that's a lotta work.
short short hair... kinda says "... I'm ready." all the time. :)

~ work'en jeans...
~ warm black hoodie... which, now totally makes me think of 4400 and the black-hoodie-kid that tries to take over the world... Pinky? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
~ up and at 'em... wave goodbye to the kids and zee... and get the hell back in bed. :D :D :D :D
~ started a little "distant learning program"... (translation: studying some stuff on-line... duh...)
~ lunch with zee at Colonade... best p'zza evvver! The girl with the new short hair cut.
~ hopefully get to watch survivor tonight...
~ to point out to barefoot_dyke that my finger nail... is more evil than your finger nail. :D
~ and for libragirl_77 to get all caught up on the sleep vibe this weekend..

Amazing Race!!! bwahahahahaha...
Oh my fricking god. I'm so glad I downloaded and watched the season opener.
Survivor is such a pathetic undeserving little brother to this show... hahaha...
I mean... a guy named kunt, old lesbian married clergy, assorted complete-morons, brain-dead LA hotties, and smoke'en latin sisters gahh... it just goes on and on...
Yeah, I gotta try and write about these guys...

Flick'en channels in the hotel room before I dropped off the other night...
Joss Stone singing put your hands on me... dancing around on stage in socks...
Looking so stunningly hot I couldn't believe it. I mean... she's sure got some heat when she's putting her heart into a song.

No matter the good or the bad of it.
There is just no escaping the twisted turns
Of a fate that seems bent on making you suffer.

Love or hate this stage ... whatever stage your in,
It ends.
Love or hate that stage ... whatever it is...
And it ends.

You're only going to be with those friends... for a few short years.
Like it or not... you graduate.
Waddle and preen... cry over pictures... get ready...
You have the baby.
Dream of sleep.
Take pictures...
Be dad...
Be mom...
Love every second... hate them if you like.
And before you know it... the phone-is-for-them,
and the doors swing closed, lights pull away.

It's just all about living this moment
and refusing to let go of what small moments you truly have.
Soon enough, you'll look back and wonder where they went.

Just say'en...

~ 143
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