November 6th, 2007


Monday, November 5

Hola from ... a really nice looking city.
Fairfax, VA. Lottsa trees... nice peeps.
Someone will prol'y tell me it's some kind of crime capital or something...
but for now... it's "the lovely city of Fairfax."

I have had a day ... like very few others.
I'm just totally flipping spent... from (literally) mad stress piled high from three separate directions (at work)... a relentless attempt to snow me under by folks who have no idea ... because each of them is only just handing over their own requests. Madness... I mean... Ok, it's just work... but it's really far and away "more" than any high stress day normally delivers.
A new project with a new US Fed client made clear their expectation that key resources (read: me) would be working full-time in their downtown DC office... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I had to clear that up. I almost totally hosed myself with a little company email problem... sending a reply to the wrong person... but I ended up on the phone with that person a half dozen times over the next two hours regardless and ... the problem seemed to trickle away.
Never the less... if we win this gig, it'll mean a week in every five spent in DC... for quite a while. (first, of course, we'd have to win the gig).

~ now? NEW FRICKING JEANS. er... hahaha.... Fair Oaks mall... Sears... "distressed" black levis. :)
~ I was all mr business with the trousers, tie and all that goes with... right down to the little plastic things in the shirt collar.
~ a day in a temp office, serving three masters... a client, a "company partner", and my Fairfax bosses...
~ FOOD... (ate a pretty weeny salad at lunch)... dinner at "Cheesecake Factory" (aka: the restaurant with the "book" for a menu.)
~ buy a pair of pants... :)
~ back to hotel to get back to "working for the masters". I literally... just put down the pen and stopped. Done for a day that started full-on at 7:00.
~ to send a little love out to mary... crushdmb and to tell her that today sure looks like a nice day for making a line in the sand.
~ that canuckgirl just gets lotsa good news...
~ for n5iln to be handing out good news...
~ and that pixiecup ... wanders into emotional and financial sun beams... the sort that warm you up the absolute second you get hit with the beam.

Birthday moments... just a tad late (but these are for November 5)
A very happy birthday wish for militantmomma. A woman with so much smile and such lovely brilliant eyes that I always have to stop for a sec to recover when I see her picture. May you have had an absolutely wonderful day. I hope this next year keeps you and your family in good health and great fortune... and happy at the very very least. :)
And to costello1177 ... happy birthday sugar-el... although I s'pect wonky net-con is gonna mean you don't see this... I hope you've had a great day, never-the-less and that you are blessed with peace and patience in your world. :)

Get to the airport in Ottawa... first time taking an international flight direct out of Ottawa in forever. (Usually do the "connect to Toronto" etc.).
Buy a coffee and a mag and see my co-worker... who happens to look a lot like Mathew Modine ... and we get to walking and talking in the line of folks handing over boarding passes ...
It's a tiny commuter... so you give your "carry on" to some dude who loads it in the back... (I don't but co-worker dude has to). He complains a bit about this tiny plane... he's tall (member of the TPN) so it bugs him more. We have to go outside to get on the plane... and I sit down in 2A (single seat near front). It's a crush of people... co-worker dude has to go to 16A.
As I settle in... a guy struggles along and stops to tell me I'm in his seat. ??? Wha?
Er... 2A? I check my "stub" and yup yup... i'm in 2A.
But so is this guy...
Flight attendant... checks... hmm... d'uh... um...
and then BINGO. I'm on the wrong flight. :D
I'm s'posed to be on this Air Canada plane (bigger)... not this little United "cigar".
So I'm like... "Well my coworker is in 16A and he's on the wrong plane too."
The girl is totally flipped. it's wwwwwwwwwwwwwway bad form to actually board someone on the WRONG PLANE for an in international flight. gah!!!
After every is on... I'm allowed to (Ushered...) de-plane.
And I sick her on co-worker dude...
Some other guy gets off... and starts to work up a sweat about being boarded on the wrong flight.
But lo!!! he's not. hahaha... they kicked him off by accident. He gets back on.
Meanwhile... Miss Bossy Pants is trying to find co-worker dude and get him off the plane.
Co-worker dude and I were booked on diff flights.
I had no clue.
I pretty much created a red-blinky-lights-on-pagers incident as they tried to haul co-worker dude off the plane... and get rid of me.
BWAHAHAHA... I get to laugh because it was soooooooooooo totally their fault.
Any ways... I had no idea at the time, but agreed to "vacate the tarmac" and head on back inside.
It begins to occur to me that maybe he was, indeed, on the right flight. So I let it go and settle back for my flight.
La di dah.

The fun continues tonight as we (co-worker dude) and I decide to head to a mall and go to dinner.
We agree to meet in the lobby of the "work building".
After we both have been patient for 15 minutes... he phones.
Seems our bosses have two buildings in Fairfax and we were working in diff locations. d'oh.
We finally get together and go a mall and the "cheesecake factory" for a giant meal.
Americans have a completely different concept about "portion size" than Canadians.
Just say'en.
Anyways... this was a mall. Not a hotel restaurant or a business district restaurant.
There was just no escaping the we're gay vibe.
I was threatening to take off my sweater and wrap it over my shoulders, tied in front.
When I'd notice the waiter coming over... I'd reach over and touch co-workers hand...
... just for s&g.
I'm sure I used "lovely" at least twice when trying to order.
then... THEN... we went to shop for my jeans, and ended up in Banana Republic.
They have an "under 10$" rack... and there were these two (totally the same) nice shirts...
We each bought one.
No chance we wont have fun with our boss at the next team meeting. :)

K... I need to go to bed. :)
See ya tomorrow.
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Tuesday, November 6

K... imagine that everything below the neck is cardboard and I'm standing behind me resting my chin on the cardboard neck.
yeah... so?

Today was a mind boggling day. Just ... well, I'm at a bit of a loss for effective descriptive adjectives... at least ones that up to the task of accurately representing todays insanity.
After eventful working moments... my day took me to a town called Restin or something... and to a business park with nice offices and the board room of a new "company partner" to go over presentations to be given tomorrow morning to a US Fed agency. New partners... new clients... new likely-to-win contract...

and the best part?

If we win it... it's going to happen on my terms. This was agreed to in writing by all parties involved.
It's a good thing.

the only downer is that the presentations tomorrow are going to cut into my time with my DC clients.
They'll understand... but I'm still going to be in their offices at 7 in the morning.

I still gotta read a bunch of stuff... and then pass out... like*a*freaking*rock.

Life is strange ... I mean... I mean, I can't go into it in a public post.
But this is one really whack stage in my work thing.

oh and I will indeed, listen to this song over and over again.
It's what I do when I like a song this much.... :D

~ yeah... my new jeans again. :)
~ client land, US Fed company offices in "the fax" and partners offices in Rusty... or whatever...
~ cab into DC at 9:00 after a long weird session with new people...
~ check into another hotel, call home... order a big expensive hamburger, iron a shirt, eat watching Family Guy... totally laughed when this guy calls Brits "stupid fog breathers"... bwahahahaha...
~ talk to you for a bit...
~ read some client material...
~ get my ass to sleep. :) 
~ that tomorrow goes well and I make my flight.!!!!!
~ for the door into indianasweetie's tomorrow to open onto a good path, this time...
~ and to send a "I hope everyone feels better soon" vibe to dailymom

Birthday moments
Happy birthday little sugar-murf... (murflegirl)... all these friends, and so many are folks with whom I have zero common lj friends. It's kinda stunning. :) I hope you have a great day and find chances to enjoy this next year to the fullest. You're only young once. Enjoy.
I know you're gone... but happy birthday amyliscious regardless. :D You're a trip... and I hope you're having fun somewhere.
Happy birthday no1topaz!! May the days of this year mark themselves with your smile.  You're more than your smile... but I gotta say, that smile is a lot. :)
And to the slightly vanished harleydog... a rare "local" lj friend... I'm so glad this year has brought you good reasons to love new beginnings. May this year keep you safe and loved sugar.



It doesn't matter if that was "you smell terrific" and "The scent of steaming shit". Smell always looks like it means something ick. You can't say smell when you really wanna say something good. Maybe with food, but even that gets dicey.

you can pass on a lot of things you mess up ...
but if it's at all possible,
don't let yourself down.
'because if you do,
you got nothing ... no one to blame and nothing to say.
and in sharp contrast, is the cool vibe of really coming through for yourself.

[ :: At least a frigg'en cow didn't fall on your car today. :: ]
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