November 4th, 2007


Sunday, November 4

Hola. :)

Busy day yesterday... and busier still today.
The weekends are pretty much hotbeds of activity around here.
Of course, they also include good ol'fashioned "sleep-ins" too (which is pretty weeny for me @ 9:00, but still).

We did furniture stores yesterday... on the hunt for a new sofa - 'cuz we're moving the family room sofa to the tv room downstairs.
I found the purrrrrrfect cabinet for the tv room too... at (big surprise) IKEA. The BESTA line of stuff... It's gonna be great. three four-shelf stands, with drawers in four shelves... and sideways-sliding groovy doors across two verticals. If that makes no sense at all... there'll be pictures when I get it sorted... I haven't even bought it yet... but it's out there. :)

Today was groceries early on (gotta love the time change "fall back" day), getting the household ready for three days without the chef.

Oh, and yesterday... Geo presented us with his collected savings and - as he had let us know ages ago - he has been saving for an iPod nano. I bought it for him today. It's just an unbelievably beautiful piece of technology. Daddy officially wants one too. !!! (but I gotta start saving my pennies, which looks surprisingly like penises in much the same way applause seems to be applesauce, but needless to say... I digress.)

~ hated jeans (I'm gonna be in Fairfax this week and NEAR a shopping mall... !!!!!)
~ exploding universe tee. :) (Hi sugar-purple).
~ groceries...
~ clean a bathroom
~ pack...
~ go to air port... and fly away.
~ sleep in a hotel in Fairfax ... three days of working pretty much 18 hours a day. (I know I'll get more done in three days than I normally do in two weeks, so it's all good. :D)
~ that little miss famous... ladymeg1 has a great experience at both shows...
~ for shebear to find a broom to bonk her ceiling with...
~ to send a big smooshy "hey" out to my lj buds who seem to be very busy on a sunday. :)

Enjoy this day... and may it's fond memory inspire many more.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday nordicaicewench... and I hope you log in to see my note. :D May this next year bring you the peace of prosperity and the pleasure of good health.
And to a much absent but never forgotten webdiva... Happy birthday sugar. I hope you are well and finding life's prospects the be on the very high side of the scale. :)

~ off to clean clean clean...