November 2nd, 2007


Friday, November 2

holy crap... that's the wammy baby... that's the wammy eye!
and it's looking at you... and all your I can has cat quotes...

It's all about sunshine and ridiculous loveliness today. No, seriously... blue sky... 7 degrees... light breeze. :)
I made it in and out of IKEA in under 15 minutes having measured six things, bought plastic plates and hangers and even got pictures on my phone of stuff.
Fifteen minutes!
That's like an international benchmark for human-resistance-to-Swedishness.
Resistance is definitely not futile!!

And yes... that says Kenny... and indeed, you really do need to know when to walk away... and when to run.
You just do.

~ green ftls, hated jeans, and a white golf shirt... :)
~ wake up at 6:30 and make coffee for suz... crawl back in bed and STAY PUT till 8:00. sigh. :)
~ check on the sleeping kiddies (PD Day) and get to work.
~ wake and feed 'em later, then to a meeting with my boss at 12:30. Geo, being twelve now... can be alone taking care of Ed... and he's pretty mature about that kind of thing, so it's all good.
~ pop into IKEA and measure a few "credenza's" and stuff.
~ home to work work... and play tonight. :)
~ to send a smile to nbbmom ... just 'cuz it's nice when life kicks into some good vibes.
~ for life to take ladymeg1 down a different emotional path than her makers... 'cuz you can never really run away.
~ that nothing totally and insanely funny happens at tonya's house tonight...
~ for this beginning to be the stuff of brilliance... and wonder... in the busy life and times of groovysegue.

by this time next week ... I will have lived at least a month.
And you wonder while I fall asleep during boring presentations.

[ :: You :: ] are just amazing.
no seriously...

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