November 1st, 2007


Thursday, November 1

Good times. :)
It was a long night... and Edward was a fantastic Harry Potter.
He truly looked great with black hair!!! He wants to get it properly coloured now.
Of course, they have a bit of history with the hair colour thing... Both kids went red last year for a lark.

Last night... after all the ghosts and goblins had gone to bed... and the second last epi of The 4400 (season 3) was tucked away... an amazing storm front blew in with gusto (pun intended). It was an awesome wind. Today dawned all blue and pretty... but the sky is downright evil looking right now... so I'm expecting rain. :)

Work is totally frigg'en mental.
I'm traveling next week... going to Fairfax, VA and into DC as well...
and my client project is just kicking my tail all over town. I'm pretty much in total panic mode now.
But I have about a month and a half to finish... so it should be all good. :)

~ black ftls
~ evil blue jeans... and I know that's getting old. I really need to go a'jeans-shopping...
~ orange tee...
~ early start to client land... with trip cancellations and project rescheduling... grrrr.
~ visit with my neighbor for a mid day coffee...
~ conference calls in the afternoon...
~ hoping to see a man about a horse...
~ and Thursday night tv.
~ good fortune for jjnslat on her trip to greece and the big run. :)
~ to point out that blonnie ... has really passed some of her good looks onto her little darling. (truly, her tiny girl is just the cutest little nugget ever!)

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to a sweet friend... canuckgirl. May the brilliant lights that have begun to shine on you this year... light a grand path over the next one.
And to summer_flowers... happy birthday. I hope this message finds you and that all is well. :)

pumpkins everywhere...

and my little nuggets... despite his surely face... geo was quite keen to be a princess... his buddy was Pippy!!

Edward (black hair colour spray stuff included) made a heck of a harry potter...

Our neighborhood hauls out a couple of tractors and hay loaded trailers ...
and we drag about 30 tiny kids and 20 more slightly bigger kids around, stopping ever couple of houses.

The kids all pile off and run up to the houses...
Pretty much setting the scene for one-big-go at the Trick or Treat door bell per house. It's quite something. :)

... and I've intentionally left out the pictures of the moms and dads, strolling along behind the wagons
drinking beer (etc.). Most of them (parents) are in costumes and it's pretty much a big party. :)

The kids had an absolute blast... :D A grand "street tradition". :)

ttnf. :)

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Dear mad craze for the whole I CAN HAS cat picture caption thing...
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease run your course and be done already.