October 30th, 2007


Tuesday, October 30

Crazy times...
Pretty much have lost track of the calendar... was sure today was Halloween... mad pumpkin carving (7 of them) last night with the family...

Put up the front (L&R) speakers yesterday... I had put the ceiling "rear L&R" on the weekend...
Now I'm worrying out the "making" of a floating shelf to hold the center channel speaker.
I'm still at a stand-still on how to stack up the geek equipment in the "nook" in the media room. I mean... I have an old - and lovely - cabinet, but it doesn't really look all that nice in the space... What I need is a 17 inch deep black credenza... that's about 4 feet long. The the subwoofer can go beside that and some kind of a "stereo rack" can go beside that? I dunno. I'm still trolling around looking for inspiration. And the actual tv... is still weeks away. So... no rush. :)

Geo has a compulsory music-program at school... and he chose Alto Sax. So we've borrowed one for the year and it's working out fine... but the best part? Is him practicing in the well insulated media room. :)

~ yeah, same ol crap. :)
~ blue ftls, blue jeans, black t and a warm sweat shirt...
~ another kind of mixed-up-day... with client work, business development work from a city in another country (ok, it's in Virginia...) and trying to keep my head together with all the stuff going on.
~ hoping desperately to be able to book flights today... STUNNINGLY less expensive to fly into Dulles than it is to fly into Ron Reagan... like... by several hundred dollars. And I got work in Fairfax and in DC... so Dulles it is... That is, if everything with the DC work pans out.
~ for sassy_red_head ... to find her Heroes...
~ to place a bet that, despite her likely protests, kay would still look stunning in dark red lipstick. :)
~ and that pasticcio has a really good lock.

Birthday moments
To send a big squish birthday wish out to the old curmudgeon beachdog... :) ar ar ar... Have a great day my friend and I hope this next year keeps you in good health and surrounded by good friends.
And to circe... Happy birthday sci-fi girl... May the force be freaking with you baby... nanoo nanoo and meet me in my ready room because it's always a good fraking time in there baby. :) Have a great day sugar.

[ :: Zeitgeist The Movie :: ] More fun that bag full of kit kats... although I've only watched the first half. The stuff about religion has me all tingly because ... it's so frigging insane-o-rama... but I'm watching the 911 stuff and feeling a little conflicted. I've read TONNES of material on the debunking of 911 conspiracy stuff... and I'm just not buying the whole banana... parts? Yup yup... but not all of it.

So much to do...
So little of it... makes any sense.
Ah well... we chose the path we walk on.
Other people may cut off your exits and
throw crap on the road in front of you...
but it was you who started walking this
way. So you suck it up, work it out, and
do your best.
This is the way of life.

~ k... time to fly. :) See ya.

(no subject)

I get a real kick out of talk shows, let alone friends and acquaintances...
that are bending and twisting to establish hard-core firewalls and filters for their kids use of the internet.

I mean... if you give your kids a computer in their bedroom and let them put a lock on their bedroom door... I can understand why you need controls... however, I think the real problem isn't the dangers the internet brings to those kids... but rather the dangers their parents bring to them by essentially tossing them into the fire wearing paper clothing.

If they kept the "net" in a public space in their home... and actually paid attention to their kids behaviors and activities on-line... AND maintain open and honest dialog with their kids about the dangers and the concept of "acceptable behaviors in our home"... I really don't see why they'd need all the hard-core-controls.

Personally, my take on that stuff is that it just motivates the kids to figure out how to bust out of their information prison.