October 29th, 2007


Monday, October 29

I handed Suz the shaver last night...
And sat quite still while she buzzed my head. :)
Dries fast. :)

and it's frigg'en cold out yo. brrrrrr!!!!!!

~ black ftls
~ hateful jeans
~ orange tee and now? a big warm hoodie. (brr)
~ crazy morning monitoring flight schedules, and email, phone call mania.
~ life was semi-sorted by lunch... (so much for "all done before 9:00" hahaha)
~ working on client stuff for the rest of the day...
~ Ed has basketball tonight...
~ got dinner in the slow cooker at lunch... pork roast at 5:00. (soccer at 6:00)
~ carving pumpkin faces tonight... I scooooooped out seven (7!!) pumpkins last night...
~ I could go buy my TV NOW... NOW NOW NOW NOW... alas... not gonna happen for a bit. :(
~ to send big huge congratulations out to caranya on the occasion of her giving birth to Lila Ellen!!!! Oh such wonderful news!! May you get the rest you need to truly enjoy all the little tiny firsts that are piling up in your world. :)
~ to point out that it was nice to see that catherine posted... :) (geeze that girl has the bluest eyes ever...)
~ and that darkbay... finds her power.

Birthday moments
Happy birthday sugar-n. :D :D :D (crayolaphoenix) May you enjoy all the tiny furry things in your life... and I sure do hope this next year brings you many wonderful rewards for the big choices, big chances and grand decisions of this last year. :)
And to travellingstar... while your busy enjoying this years birthday... please accept my sincere hopes for a year that brings much success to the trials that threaten to overcome people close to your heart.  May your birthday bring you many good reasons to smile. :)

Every time I take note of a friend mentioning some event or activity associated with their church... mosque... synagogue...  whatever... I just wince inside. It passes quickly because I repeat the mental mantra "To each their own, and may they draw strength..." and then tell myself to remember that their "church" etc.... is just a community centre with a cute hat.
But I remain... utterly flummoxed about how so many people can so willingly turn over their minds to people so undeserving of the privilege to shape and hold.
Why do otherwise intelligent people elect to support organizations so desperately bent on domination, abuse, control and power.
And don't talk to me about faith and believing in higher things.
You can do all that without supporting the nut jobs that run the religious organizations in the world.
"But corto... just because a lot of bad people do bad things in HIS name... it doesn't have to mean HE is bad..."
"Excuse me? who the hell are you talking about? Do you hear yourself talking? Brainwashed much?"
I'll take my community association without the guilt thanks.

Ya ever notice how raw pumpkin juice can tighten up your skin?
No really? Forget botox... just drip a few drops of pumpkin juice on your wrinkles...

I bought a FX12 lumix camera...  Costco has a sixty day no-questions asked return policy so... we'll see how this goes. :)
It looks nice... feels nice... great features... relatively low price...
Now to see if it actually takes nice pictures. :)