October 28th, 2007


Sunday, October 28

Oh yesterday was awful. Gray, rain... and holy moly was it ever windy!!!!
We puttered, ran errands, worked on house stuff and generally had a really nice day...
Even got to have friends over for late night coffee... :)

But today is sun. Sunshine and likely cold as heck... but tough... I'm in shorts as a kind of mental protest. :)

~ blue fts
~ khaki shorts
~ gap tee (thank you little sweat shop kids)
~ and a old but rarely worn, black sweat shirt... (a pink-elephant sweat shirt - if you know what that means... 10 points!)
~ leave for costco and get some more lasagna ...
~ touch-up trim paint in basement...
~ possibly put up some speakers... :)
~ have my whole family over for an early dinner... 'cept my mom... who is in Algonquin Park painting pictures...
~ to send a smile out to my little squeezeable Melli... er... sylvidoptera
~ for peaceful, restful nights to be a part of teasdale's life...
~ I could hug sirenity... just cuz she made me feel all warm and special a minute ago. :)
~ and that friends everywhere are enjoying the pumpkin carving vibe.

Birthday moments..
From yesterday... A big happy birthday to ewtikins.... may the days of your life find new ways to keep you entertained, happy, and feel'en the love. I know I have plenty of that last bit for you so... maybe that wish can come true. :) I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.
And as a quiet memory... happy would-have-been-your birthday to sadsong... a friend that slipped away in cancers grip last year. May there peace in your everlasting reward.

I must zooooom... zoom zoom ... in my little Dora.
See ya soon.

Oh... I want to buy a new camera... any ideas out there that aren't Canon?
Anyone own a Lumix from Panisonic?