October 25th, 2007


Thursday, October 25

Ok... look... freeze, or the white guy gets it!

The world seems bent on finding my door, and piling work up in front of it!
At least today was a really really beautiful day. It was cold in the early morn, and chilly all day, but there was a brilliant yellow ball in the sky that made you get goose bumps on your neck when you let it wash over you.

~ black ftls
~ the beige p-z jeans...
~ red golf shirt (sorry, but it's also p-z)
~ and a ski sweater. :)
~ up and at 'em... another busy day in class.
~ got good feedback on a couple more sample exams...
~ got fresh tiny potatoes and carrots at a farmers market on the way home...
~ home... where the heart is, and watching the tail end of Silver Surfer (finally) while making a very yummy dinner.
~ NO homework ... (does a little dance)
~ until a few seconds ago... I totally forgot about Survivor. Fortunately my pvr remembered and it's it'll wait for me to watch a lil'later. :)
~ to send out some happy schmappy vibes to my friend canuckgirl... 'cuz I'm so flipping happy for her.
~ that cynica... gets well entertained. :)
~ and to send out a whole lotta heal-em-up-fast vibes out to giggly_girl's mom... !!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday mysticprincess... I hope you enjoy your day... and that you never run out of birds to discover. :)

I read something quite STUNNING in a friends journal.
She lives in San Diego...
she had to evac.
but she'll get to go home soon.
her house is still there.
and GEORGE BUSH came to visit.
Wanted to look at the devastation.
He did some fly-bys.
and all the firefighting air crews had to stay grounded... for ages... WHILE HOMES BURNED...
because Georgie boy wanted to view the devastation.
This is probably the most stunningly heartless thing I can possibly imagine happening in Fire Land.

Watched Jurassic Park with the boys.
It had them climbing their seats in stress-monkey-movie-fear-freak-out.
ar ar ar... sweet dreams kids...
Er... ok, no they're not damaged. hahaha... and they did enjoy it. :)