October 24th, 2007


Wednesday, October 24

Yeah... that's the universal symbol.
Why it can mean pretty much anything.
It's especially hard to decode when there's a smile behind it.
Perhaps I'm only showing you my lovely finger nail...
But then again... that would be silly.
Can you see how my finger kinda looks like... it bends... sideways...
It doesn't. It's the camera. :)
It distorts things.
For example: I'm a young black girl.
But the camera adds 15 lbs and chromosomes

Kind of a stellar day ... weather wise.
Didn't see much of it... but c'est la vie.

~ beige p-z jeans... shirt and tommy sweater.
~ and a smile. :)
~ on letting myself smile today. I'm just not gonna let the stress of this week win... (no bets on tomorrow though).
~ all day class again... two more days... (I honestly cannot sit and watch someone give an hour long presentation and stay awake. I can't do it. It doesn't matter how much sleep I get... I can't do it. (hence: training courses are really flipping hard to handle)
~ didn't get any basement work done last night... watched some of Jurasic Park with the boys... (gonna watch more tonight)... so, i'm going to try and get the 1/4 round done tonight.
~ more 4400... :D :D :D
~ that sugar-cath... canuckgirl ... gets to feel'en a whole lot better by morning.
~ for yumikid to find... something to dip.
~ and that my many friends in SoCal... are safe... !!!!!

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to my little "slapper"... or is that "spanker"? Happy birthday Carole... (sylph) I hope you are well and that you get to enjoy some fine dining! er, or other event to celebrate you special day. :)

Radio talking about China and their "moon shot".
Voice of China comes on and spews out this stuff about "overpopulated china... running out of resources... want to populate the moon... seek new resource3s...".
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... fricking tools.
Perhaps they are looking forward to an abundance of cheese?

I know a lot of folks that work in the auto-manufacturing industry...
I point that out to remind myself and ya'll that I'm not wishing ill on anyone... just "thinking outloud".
But have we got enough cars yet?
Wouldn't it be great if the North America auto mfg's all went out of business.
Imports... MASSIVELY TAXED... like add 24,000$ to 'em all.
Can you imagine how much work there'd be for mechanics and the whole "used vehicle maintenance" thing.
!!! I mean.... seriously. Do we actually need hundreds of new cars every single week?

Due - completely - to our vast enjoyment of the 4400 series... middle of season 3 right now... has left me amazingly behind on all manner of television. Work, homework, and the basement are also playing a role in the "I'm wayyyyy behind" thing. Last week? ONLY watched Survivor. No heroes, desperate, grays, boston legal, bionic woman, daily show or ... well, anything. ug. They're "doubling up" this week. Thank the flipping stars for PVRs. :)
questionIs it hard to make a pvr out of a pc? Does it have to be much of a pc?

See ya . :)