October 23rd, 2007


Tuesday, October 22

It's all about the rain today.
The world is cooling down... the leaves are collecting in corners and bing,
it's the first day of fall. Well, second... fine. Yesterday was the first day
of "not-summer"... which seems to make more sense than calling it "Fall"
when pretty much everything has been in full-on Fall Mode since early
September. Next up... Winter. :)

~ eh? now... Pj pants and a black tee. :)
~ spent the day all up in my jeans and a nice shirt for class.
~ day two of the course. day two of stupid homework. (I want to live a life of leisure... :D)
~ hour long conf call with the clients in the middle of the class... sigh... but it was useful and necessary.
~ stopped in to a "home theater" specialty shop on the way home from "class" and pretty much finalized my choice for a television.
~ homework!
~ try and watch more Rise of the Silver Surfer... before I take it back. (kids movie from the weekend sleepover)
~ fix up a few things on my moms web site (anya.corto.ca)
~ finish the 1/4 round "final" trim in the basement room. (Then it's time for the liquid-wood-putty-stuff... to fill in all the trim cracks and nail heads...)
~ BED... ohmygod, I have soooo got to get myself to bed before 1:00!!!
~ for bored_of_life64 to enjoy the book when it gets there... :) Sounds like yer a bit excited. :D :D
~ for uncle strep to leave the house of kimmellee,
~ to mumble mumble... mumble... dog? mumble... leotards... mumble mumble 99catsaway mumble...
~ and to congratulate dana7880 ... :D

Radio dudes were talking about some joker that gave his squeeze a 48K$ engagement
ring and that when they called it off... there was some question as to whether or not
the ring should go back to him. The morning crew on 89.90 (in Ottawa) are a stitch and
I love 'em... but man... I cannot believe how long they screwed around with this question.
The woman-jock was all "well, if he cheated, then she keeps it." and the guys were all
"what? who said anything about him cheating? That's kind of a grand-assumption on your
part..." and blah blah blah blah.
I'm just say'en... an engagement ring is not a gift. PERIOD. It's part of an "ENGAGEMENT"
which is pretty much the MAIN reason why they call it an engagement ring.
Wedding off? Whatever the reason... no if ands or buts... the ring goes back. period.
If - for example - he did cheat or do some horrible thing to her, let alone just decides
"nahhh" and calls it off... is it ok for her to break into his house, blow his safe and steal
all his cash? His car? no. And the ring is no different. It is a token of their agreement to
marry. Not getting married? Then the ring goes back. She keeps it? She's a dirty thief.

So I'm feeling a whole lot like I've made the final decision on the TV.
Pioneer pdp-5080hd. 50" of plasmatic goodness.
[ :: linkage :: ]
It's the 720p or 1080i... but the picture is dramatically better than the best 1080p I can compare it to.
And it's priced like the frick'en 1080p's ... but I'm not paying that price (under the link).
It's less than that now and i'm not getting it for a little while... (prays for a price drop).
It's a seriously nice flippen television. Crazy nice. :)