October 19th, 2007


Friday, October 19.

Blazing sunshine... beautiful temperatures... and the radio is all about telling me it's gonna rain. "Multiple Thunderstorms this morning, rain in the afternoon". Well it's 11:30 now... so those thunderstorms must be darned fast moving little buggers.  So far... not a drop.

I managed to get all the cuts done on the trim last night... 24 cuts turned into 30 cuts as I screwed around with cutting wee tiny wedges to fill in gaps in corners that I screwed up. A little glue, liquid wood, sand paper and touch up paint... and it'll all be lovely. So the trims all cut, but waiting for me to nail it on and do the "finishing work". That's for tonight.

I'm getting rather uptight about the project... I've got to go back to D.C. in a couple of weeks and there's a mountain of work to do. Insane-o-land includes my going on another full week course next week, with homework and all kinds of new stress. I'm pretty much expecting the next month to be a bit of a wash for me on the emotionally stable front. Insanity shall reign supreme.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ stupid jeans
~ orange tee and a maroon shirt over that...
~ gotta get two policy statements done for the clients today!!! must must must...
~ write about Survivor at some point...
~ get my ass to a drug store... I need more shaving cream. It's gotta be a specific one or there's no point in shaving... my face goes mental, red and ouchi.
~ see a man about a horse... if I'm lucky.
~ work on the basement... :)
~ play with the boys ... Kicking a soccer ball with Geo after school and building lego monstrosities with Ed. :)
~ to send semi-random hugs out to willedit ... because she's wonderful... despite her odd desire for a 1980's hair cut. :)
~ that dana7880 finds herself a copy of "Saving Grace" (NOT the one with Tom Conti... the other one) and enjoys watching that...
~ and that princessblondie enjoys her new job as the alphabet girl on Sesame Street. (sp?) :)

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to kitiara. May this next year keep you safe and ... while you are pretty much constantly in harms way... I really mean the "stay safe" bit. You are a constant source of amazement to me. Any vanity you carry... is well and truly deserved.
And to libragirl_77... happy birthday sugar. I get a sense that this will be an important year for you... so I'd like to wish you all the calm, cool and collected vibes you can muster and that you have a grand celebration of your day. 

We got a letter from the school advising us about how the board has been receiving what appear to be prank 911 "gun seen at school" calls and that there have been several lock-downs/police interactions issued at area schools as a result. I remember being a bit of a brat when I was a kid, but I would never in a million years have imagined pulling the fire alarm as a "prank" and this is a hundred times worse. I hope they frigg'en nail the bastard that's doing this to a wall and let people pee on him. 

Television dilemma.
much reading and researching... is tending me towards Plasma, when all along I've thought I was going to be "LCD boy".
The hard part is wanting to buy for the future and figure out how to afford 1080p.... versus 1080i.
The 1080p thing... is only useful if I actually buy a blue ray or Hi Def dvd player - and play hi def dvds!!
Normal DVDs... are not offering up 1080p.
Standard HD broadcasts are 768 or 1080i. The Wii (I think) can deliver a 1080p signal...
But in the time that I own this tv... I suspect that 1080p will become the standard.
The hard part?
1080p adds like 35 - 55% to the cost of the television.
And - of course - the 1080i stuff is on sale all over the place.

We're almost done season 2 of The 4400. Season 3 is almost done downloading (thank you bit torrent). Watching downloaded shows via a usb "thumb drive" is the best ever!

Flash back: [ :: Today, last year :: ]
~ the kitty sleep apnia thing... I'd forgotten about that. :) LOL.