October 18th, 2007


Thursday, October 18

Coffee!!! have a cup. :)

Yeah, ok... totally fall today. Cloudy and cold but ... "cold" in a mild kinda way... working on that whole humans-that-live-up-here-in-the-north-readjustment vibe thing. What passes for c-c-c-c-cold in the fall will be the deliciously hot days in the months ahead.

Head ache stuff kicked my ass all over the house yesterday.
But it wasn't a migraine so the only really useful thing was nutrition and advil.

~ blue ftls... new and kind need stretch'en. :)
~ the jeans... ug
~ and marginally nice shirt... wore it for the doc.
~ up and at 'em... dancing around because my headache is gone.
~ eye doctor at 10:00
~ work work work... (which, today, amounts to read-read-read-read-read.... sigh)
~ survivor tonight...
~ some miter sawing... 24 cuts total required to trim the tv room. :) I managed to pre-paint all the trim-bits last night.
~ that I can talk z into KFC for dinner tonight. No particular reason, other than reading a Christ Rock article in a red version of VF. :)
~ to send a little squeeze'ee kinds moment out to debby...
~ that pageeater gets her wish... but note... it's still a wall. and it's still outdoors. The appeal would be ... short lived. :)
~ and that princessblondie enjoys the house hunting... oh, wait... that's only a foreshadowing thing as yet...

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday out to lique... May the peace of good health and good fortune wrap you up and keep you and your family well for the whole year!!

Ok, somebody either pinch me or explain what the down side is.
I turned on my radio yesterday and sat in stunned horror as they explained all about El'Sid... er, El. Presidentay Bush, doing something all together brave, positive, and above all... good.
I mean... unless you can explain the classic Bush Down Side (BDS), I have no way of defining his embracing of the Dalai Lama as a pretty cool moment in world events.
Kind of a ....
Dear China:
Lick me.

... moment.

Eye doc was pretty cool.
I was early... he saw me early.
he took one look... whistled,
put some weird dye stuff in my eye and took another look...
and told me he was pretty impressed with how quick it was healing.
Like... again with the pinch me.
Me? healing quickly? I'm like the god of "That'll hurt for a month" land.
Anyways... all is well or getting that way, with the eyeball.

~ You're a tramp.
~ You're amazing.
~ picky picky picky...
~ WOW... that is gross.
~ sigh... you're beautiful.
~ No Way!! he did what?
~ omg... these baby pics are melting my heart!
~ Like anybody cares...
~ I wish you could see you through my eyes.
~ Oh that's gonna hurt.
~ Lucky lucky lucky...

Random thoughts while reading my friends pages this morning.

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Every good kitchen should have an easily accessed stopwatch,
That way, when you set off the smoke detectors,
you can stand there with the stop watch and make like you were testing everybody.