October 17th, 2007


Wednesday, October 17

I mean, it's fall and all... so it's s'posed to be chilly... it's just, some mornings it feels a bit like a better plan would be to stay in bed for the day.
We're slipping into the early morning vibe ok, I guess... but it still feels evil to get up so darn early.
And!!! I've been trying to get myself to sleep earlier... this is good. I'm shooting for getting to bed by midnight at least three nights a week.
This is a big goal. :)

Truth be told... I'm feeling a whole lot "off" today.
In a bit of a marvin the paranoid android kinda way,
I've a pain in the diodes all down my left side.
Which, in human terms, I suppose means I've a bit of sinus issue
Diodes, sinuses... whatever... it translating into a two day headache.

~ ugly, hated jeans... (Yes, I'll do something about them... eventually..)
~ black tee
~ that diode thing... feels like I'm wearing it.
~ client work...
~ quick trip to home depot to buy wall-trim. :)
~ thinking about putting up the ceiling speakers. :D
~ I could reach into my skull, and pull out whateverthehell is hurting. (ug)
~ that angryvixen gets to find-her-way-home... soon. :)
~ and for a little sweet relief to find it's way to [Unknown LJ tag]

So I've no doubt your getting sick of me and the basement, but it's the biggest deal I've got going on lately...
With that being said... here's a picture cornucopia with a couple of "before" shots thrown in.
All about the new tv room... and yes, it needs trim. I'm on it. :)
All clickable thumbs...
Total before and after shot of the back corner...

And b&f looking the other way

The carpet and the wall colours... perfect. :)

... and they were able to re-do our basement stairwell with the extra carpet!!

We've got these "stick man cubes" [ :: cube world :: ] things for the kids as christmas prezzies. Man those things are a trip. Totally. :D