October 16th, 2007


Tuesday, October 16

Welcome to my mail-pattern-baldness... although, what ever the heck hair loss has to do with Canada Post, I'll never know.

So it's sunny again. A lovely but chilly day. If I had a brain...
I'd be outside laying the garden hoses out so they can warm
up enough to effectively coil them for the winter... perhaps
over lunch.

I'm all excited about the basement... two guys are here now,
doing the "install" thing with the rest of the carpet. I finished
all the pot lights and related lighting and dimmers and etc...
including all the ceiling tiles... last night. Made for a late night
but I'm so glad it's done. :) I'm not huge happy with the
"sconces"... because you can kinda see the hardware from
the sides so... we'll see.

Tis the season for dirty kitty paws... and it's a bitch.
She makes such a monster fuss when I hold her to clean her paws
on her way back into the house. :)

~ black ftls
~ hated jeans
~ strong-bad (hi Kim) and a black hoodie! (brr!)
~ Carpet guys arrive today... (in fact they're hammering away in the basement right now. :D :D :D)
~ 1:00 conference call with clients
~ work work work!! Lots to do on the client project
~ enjoy the carpet. haha... :D
~ that all goes well for lisabella and the root-canal today. :)
~ that chiropteraclan doesn't get lost...
~ for kay to find ... some peace.
~ to smile about good things in the life and times of alachicky
~ to whistle a wee bit over at queeniexb ... just 'cuz...
~ and to point out to everybody... that caroline75 is awesome. Go you on the goal-achievement vibe!!

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday wish out to hazeleyedcutie... distant and marvelous. :) May this next year bring a few surprises and several new reasons to smile. :)

I have a friend here in la la land that is facing a significant and infuriating degree of torment from her partner in the form of privacy invasion.
Dear Everybody Who Thinks "Well Just Leave" Is The Answer:
You have no idea what you're talking about and you should maybe save it for when you are an expert witness of Dr. Insane-Oh er...Dr. Phil's Tv show.
I do think that if I was faced with a partner that refused - after talking about the issue - to respect my privacy and who actually wanted to stay with me... then that person would then become an avid fan of TOTAL FICTION. I'd be writing a freaking trilogy for my partner to read all about my work as a frigging cross dressing, philandering, international terrorist. If you stick your nose in where it doesn't belong... it's your own fault when it gets bitten off.

"You know... you have enough carpet left over to redo your stairs..." (pattern matching required extra foot-age)
So after a little bit of a barter for some under-the-table-payment... we're having the stairs redone to match the basement carpet. :D :D :D :D :D

Dear Universe:
Please bend in the appropriate ways to make it possible for me to afford 52 inches of liquid crystal high definition 1080 display on the wall of my just-about-finished theater room. :)

K... gotta go.