October 15th, 2007


Monday, October 15

Hello... Mr. Dorky McDorkmiester ... please write your name between the lines of my forehead... not across my cheeks.

yeah, well the weather is good... Chilly but it's not raining and it's not deathly dark and evil... so... that pretty much makes it a nice fall day. :)

I totally bailed on all things geeky yesterday... choosing instead to spend the day in the basement working on the ceiling. It's all insulated and the drop ceiling is up...
Now I need to install the pot lights... and frog around with the wiring. :)

Saturday night was a family get together with Suzs' side of the tree to celebrate Geo's 12 birthday. (His b-day is on the 20th)
It was a very nice night... requiring far too much "cleaning up" in the preparation-zone but ... eh. :D

~ black ftls
~ jeans I hate
~ and a bright orange tee...
~ get a half days work done before 9:00... because I'm up at an ungodly hour so ... why not get work done.
~ go get some keys cut... (the tech behind key cutting has sure improved since the last time I had a key done)
~ and back at it... work work work... :)
~ watch some 4400 tonight... (loving the show... in mid-season 2 at this point)
~ to congratulate tonya... :D
~ that none_too_subtle finds it...
~ for the very charming notcharming to enjoy her Clair time...
~ and for allyn to emerge from root canal hell ...

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to a lovely, talented, and very incorrigible honuhoney. (or should I say Azbum!) May this year keep you in good health, wonderful spirits and surrounded by love. (and if you keep me around, we'll have that last bit sorted. :D) 
And to the not-gonna-see-this and very absent Amy (jaggedpill)... happy birthday little mom and may all your little chefs be brilliant. :)

Fall is falling... the pretty leaves are leaving...
But before they're all gone... a wee picture. :)

... and basement project "update" photo. :D

ps. the carpet goes into the rest of the basement project... tomorrow!!!! :D :D :D