October 12th, 2007


Friday, October 12

My I've-got-a-secret face...
and I don't even have a secret... well, ok... I'm sure I have a few, but nothing pressing. :)

There's sunshine out there. Lots and lots of sunshine. Mad sunshine...
The weather idiots are in fine form today... even the little blinky fox-forecast widget in my browser is telling me that it's pouring rain outside. Needless to say, the boys were shuffled off to school in rain coats.
Blue sky... little puffy clouds.
I s'pose it could suck somewhere in our weather region right now ... but it's pouring sunshine and lovely in my neck-of-the-woods.

~ "the universe exploded" tee... :D
~ work jeans...
~ avoiding the computer screen ('cept for this... and a bit...)
~ dripping drops in my eye...
~ I have to read a bunch of stuff... so i'm gonna just cover the blurry eye...
~ and no, I don't have a patch... but I think the kids have one in the costume box...
~ smile about what an amazing day it is outside.
~ to thank kimmellee for thinking of me... :D :D :D
~ to smile and wave at none_too_subtle... :D
~ for some of that "silver lining" stuff to find it's way to dinkydo
~ and to smile over at alachicky and hope for her to be able to hold onto her great vibe...

Birthday moments
Happy birthday krazyleesa. Have a safe, healthy and happy birthday sugar... and  I hope you get the chance to explore the world this year. :D
A very Happy birthday to sweet and precious sugar-naomi (dotcombabe). I remain a fan-forever of the world you have mad and the contributions your world has made to mine. May you experience great joy and a peaceful easy feeling as this next year rolls on by.
and to timetooperate... Happy birthday sugar-_spent... may all the Dan in your world ... be just the right kind of Dan.

So... about that HPV vaccination and my post the other day re: Using Canadian girls as ginny pigs.
I got a lot of great and inspiring feedback on that one. I've had a much greater education on the issues through the comments, links and suggested sources than I was getting from the standard media that had framed my original opinion.
This is... to put it simply... why I love live journal.
There was a news item on today with a quote from a medical dude involved in the canadian vaccination program and he was rather cutting about the poor showing the media has had at the "responsible reporting" table on this issue. He talked of very high numbers of young women (grade 8 stuff here) that are not getting the vaccine because their parents have refused, based on media reports (i.e. the McLean's article that headlined with the ginny pig thing).
Thank you for your input. I appreciate your effort and initiative.

Is one wireless router "better" than the next... in terms of the signal power and signal stability? I have an SMC router I got on super-duper-sale ($10 after mail-in-rebate) a few years back and it works great. But I'm nominally - but irritatingly - affected by "bad signal". Will a Linksys do better? I'd rather not get into the whole "signal boosting" thing and I can't afford to install those "piggy back on the frequencies running through your electrical wiring" deals (which are wicked cool, btw... just kinda expensive).

D'ya ever do a big stretch... like, a really big thing, with an arm or two up and you're practically vibrating with the pleasing release of whatever it is that happens when you have a big giant stretch...  but then when you relax... it feels like a muscle in your neck has squished and is taking it's time to un-squish and your shoulder is practically "pulling" towards your cheek?

:) See ya soon.
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