October 9th, 2007


Tuesday, October 9

~ holy profile batman!!

Brr!! No really... I mean...
BRRRRR!!!! It's bazing out there.
And I know... a few months from now when there's snow, wind, ice and ug... I'd find today... balmy.
But tough.
Today... I'm frigg'en cold.

Needless to say... it's all about (there's that canadian "a-boot" word - although I really don't get it... I don't hear any dif when americans say "about" yet, folks that talk to me are all over the laughing when I get to "about" in some sentence.) ...um? where was I?
Oh yeah... needless to say, it's all about cloudy and cold today. The early morn' weather idiots are like "oh, lots of rain today..." and it's noon... no rain yet.

Thanksgiving weekend... was a grand success... although I left my camera at my moms house so I can't take a pic of this pilgrims progress on the basement frontier. But I'll get the camera... :D
I've finished "one" section of the drop ceiling... and besides a mad freakout frustration explosion yesterday morning that came about as I realized I had to take the whole freaking grid of cross-tees down to fix a mistake... it was pretty painless. And it looks flipp'en great. :D

Lots of turkey... suz's mom's house on Sat and my folks on Sun. And then lasagna (sp?) last night. (:D)

Weeds... The 4400... Private Practice (which has to stop with the tear jerking story lines soon please) and some kids movies filled empty spaces on the calendars...
I wonder if Mary Louise would let me... (fill in the blank here... you can't get it wrong...)

~ new gray ftls
~ blue jeans that I hate...
~ very old bum. blue tee...
~ extra old denim shirt from wwwwway back when I was working in the gov.... so like... 11 year old shirt.
~ I suck at the whole "helping hands helping the helpless" clothing-drive things...
~ a day of geeking away at the laptop sorting into stuff for the clients...
~ going to a "company command attendance" all staff meeting downtown from 4:30 to... later (dinner incl)... a big annual brew-ha-ha with grand-formage types give'en us the news.
~ measure a few edge bits for the next section of the ceiling...
~ and likely more 4400... maybe even some heroes.
~ that angryvixen... gets to cut off early (prol'y not but it's nice to dream)....
~ and to smile at the good news from ldy. G'mornig Gracie. :D

Birthday moments
Happy birthday to hotblue... May this next year keep you and your wee family safe and prosperous. I truly do hope that things in the life-and-times of you keep on moving forward.
And that heatherbell has a wonderful birthday... and a little pay back for all that hard-working-mom stuff. May the loves in your life... stay safe!!
Oh and ... I think it's 1ginacolada "stealth" birthday... and if indeed today is the day... then a very happy birthday to you sugar-vaulter. May you find ever more opportunity to dance around in the fun of your world.

The net effect of publicly trading company shares ... is to make it NORMAL for a company to considered "failing" if it doesn't have new positive growth... even if they consistently deliver a billion dollars in sales annually.

The next time I have to listen to a junior member of the afghanistan deployed Canadian armed forces say "I'm just so happy to be able to help these people out..." I may have to puke.

Some music is just so packed with emotional memories that it's almost like the casting of a magic spell to play it.

k... see ya. :)
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