October 5th, 2007


Friday, October 5

Yeah... not sure who's keeping mother nature in crack these days but she's one happy hoe of late.
Brilliant sunshine...blue sky... peaceful easy air... ;)

My arm is doing a lot better. Mostly its down to feeling like an evil bruise on the inside of my forearm. This beats the agony all over my arm a couple of weeks ago. :)

I didn't do squat last night... no basement work... watched survivor at 10... but was a basket case by the time that ended. Early to bed.
Still tired. :(

~ at different points of the day...
~ pj pants, and a tee...
~ a lovely "gown" (tie this in the back please)
~ and settles into jeans and a tee... for the duration
~ wake up and smile at my sugar as she gets up for work and finds a little anniversary something in the bathroom waiting for her...
~ make coffee and giver 'er a kiss as she leaves for work.
~ head to physio... last one for this arm / tendon problem...
~ dead bird...
~ hospital...
~ say ouch... several times... with gusto...
~ home again home again home again fast.
~ chill'en...
~ write about Survivor later. :)
~ that the amazingly slow download of The 4400 season 2 ever finishes... sigh... ETA 15h22m sigh
~ to send a smile to uniclycommon and all her happiness...
~ that notcharming gets a little foot-action...
~ and for irishgypsie to find some happy... maybe just let some memories wash over you and let go of sad thing. Life is all about moving forward sometimes.... one foot in front of the other.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday little miss conundrum... (mentalconundrum). (who prol'y thinks I never read her... :D) (I do). I hope you have a great year ahead lil'sugar and that you enjoy celebrating your day. :)

Ok... so STOP.
I realize that not everybody digs this kind of thing so ... the next
bit is all about a quick trip to the hospital for a "cystoscopy"
and ... it's icky graphic.

Trouble peeing? Got a penis? Over 40? K... lets check your prostate.
That's bad enough... I mean, Ok, not actually "bad", just a bit humbling.
pull your knees to your chest... ok... relax... relax... RELAX...
Go on some meds to shrink your unusually large prostate while we try
and figure out if it's cancer... but don't worry... !!! geez.
Months go by...
K... hows the meds working? 'cuz it isn't cancer...
Lets book in with the urologist. Wait wait wait wait...
See the guy and ... bottom line "we gotta go in and take a look"
Book a "procedure"... and wait wait wait wait wait...

So no prep... just show up at the appointed time.
Put on these silly paper slippers, this gown, do it up in the back,
and we'll put all your stuff in a locker.
Then follow me...
We go into a proper operating theater that is dedicated to various types
of "...oscopy's".
Lie down... (heated surface with an absorbent fabric on it)
Nurse girl... chatting with other nurse girl... casually draws down the
covers and ... washes little elvis up but good.
Doc shows up and he's all business... but nice about it.
"K... this is going to hurt... prol'y the worst bit of the whole deal...
but it'll be over quick. Remember... don't clench!"
He pinches the tip firmly... which opens the opening like a change purse...
and gives me a freaking needle directly into the flesh inside the wee tiny hole.
Sweet mother of god...
... and then the other side of the hole.
This was the "freezing" part that really only helps out with the first half
inch of the issue at hand. Stop trying to think of how to phrase the joke.
Unfortunately.... the pathway to my bladder passes through a few bends
and turns.
"You'll feel this... sorry...."
I'm doing this "thumb tapping the tip of each finger in a pattern, up and down
my fingers on each hand" thing that I do to help change my focus when
something is really being a drag.
I'm making the odd little grunt... and then ... five minutes later we're done.
The "camera" is a fiber optic thing and they flow sterile saline along with it
as it goes in... resulting in an overwhelming sense that you need to pee.
No, I mean... overwhelming... serious like.
He's done and he talks for a while.
The bottom line is ... there's not a lot they can do without having an operation
and the operation carries it's own risks and possible "resulting problems"
that may make the current problem seem... slim.
He recommends... that I live with it for a year and see him again then.
I'll get some second opinion stuff... but I'm of a mind to think he has the right
of it.
Any ways... it hurt like crazy flaming ouch to pee after. Just... double gah!!
It's a few hours down the path now and I feel fine... but it still hurts to pee.
It hurts less... so I can see that this will be a memory by tomorrow.
I never got to even glance at the monitor... I was way to busy scrunching my eyes closed. :)

See ya.
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