October 4th, 2007


Thursday, October 4

Brrr... cold... dark... oh wait... that's because it's 6 in the freaking morning.
Grrr! I'm managing, but I'm finding the whole six AM wake-up call to be a giant pain in the sleep button.

It's gone and got all perfect, blue sky and sunshine... colourful trees... a cool breeze in the air and ... just Fall on crack with no looking back.

~ same ol'same ol. :)
~ black ftls, jeans and a tee... (yeah strongbad! - Hi kim. :D)
~ organizing trips to DC
~ medical expense reports
~ work work work for the clients...
~ a couple of conference calls...
~ and then when the work day is done... insulating part of the ceiling in the basement
~ it's thursday right? So Survivor tonight...
~ and hospital tomorrow.
~ I had more mornings like todays...
~ although I could do without the freakout about where the kids put their hoodies... ("the bus is coming!! ... er, where's your sweatshirt?"
~ that all things bright and wonderful... just keep on slipping into place for princessblondie,
~ that blushingblaze doesn't beat up the help,
~ for odyssey_road to get... what she's looking for. :D
~ and that something good keeps on cooking in aristophren's life-kitchen.

Birthday moments
Happy birthday demyankee!! :) May your desk overflow with apples... and thank you for taking on one the worlds greatest professions. Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead.

We moved into this neighborhood of 79 Lots, when about 30 of them were done. 70 of them are sold now and the building process continues.
Pretty much every house is somebodies dream home ... and like us, a lot of folks get to dream and then keep on dreaming as they try to make a go of things.
I'm living in a dream.
I'm dreaming of my life and waking to it every day.
There are a lot of things I can dream about that ...
... are very much out of reach.
But there's always tomorrow...
... and tomorrow's tomorrow.
One thing at a time, and let the hard things bounce.
There's too many wonderful dreams here to let life be darkened by the little things.

Tomorrow is our 16th anniversary.
We moved in together four years earlier.
We had Geo... after a couple of years of drama on that front... four years into our marriage.
So eight years as a couple... and now, twelve more as parents.
That's a generation.
So much has happened... so many doors have opened and so many careful first-footsteps have been taken.
We've walked dark corridors, sometimes bursting into light... and other times groping for something to hold on to.
We've cried about scary things... together and sometimes alone.
And through it all... one thing has never changed:
We laugh well together.
Whether at the tv, the kids, life, work, family, friends or just the absurd...
We laugh infectiously and with abandon.
... and so it goes.
Life is wonderful.
Happy Anniversary my darling zebra.

k... see ya. :)